Acutrim BeadsDoesn't Work

I was dumb enough to fall for the Acutrim Beads flyer! I wore them as instructed in their flyer. It did absolutely nothing! Instead of losing weight-- I GAINED 3 pounds! I sent the remainder of the beads back to the company about a month ago for a " full refund", as they advertised in their ad. So far I have not heard a thing from them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Monmouth, ORI called them to see what is going on. And the guy said, " Well, they DO work for a lot of folks!" When I said that they DON'T work for me-- he said to send them back-- that the company will send me a check for the FULL AMOUNT. Riiiiiight! Is there any recourse for me to get ANY money back. Or have I just fallen for an on-line scam? Ken


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