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Acura MDX / Discrimination and rudeness of sales manager

1 65 RT 17 SOuth Ramsey NJRamsey, IN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 201 934 8200

My husband bought a 2016 MDX from Acura Ramsey in Ramsey, NJ on June 27, 2015. One week after that he started having problems with the car. On Saturday we were out to dinner the car started giving weird noises and it said transmission problems. On Monday I tried to take the car to the dealer but all of a sudden the car stopped on RT 17. We had to tow the car to the dealer. When I was at the service I asked them what would happen with the car and they told me to talk to the sales manager Chuck Lomolino. When I went to his office he did not even told me to come in and I had to talk to him standing by the door. Actually first response I got from him was there is nothing to talk about, go to the service and wait for your car. I asked him nicely what the procedure because it was a major problem with transmission, he again told to get out of his office and go to the service department and wait for the car. I did not understand why he was so mean and refused to talk to me and I asked him but he got worse. He kept saying obviously you do not understand me again and again. I reminded him that I may not be a native speaker but I perfectly understand English and I am an US Citizen and I have the right to know what the procedure but he again treated me like an immigrant who did not understand anything. Unfortunately he was getting worse every time I opened my mouth. I did not understand why he was so rude and mean and why he was discriminating me saying that I did not understand him. I also have an MDX that I have bought from the same dealer in 2011 and I have been going to the same service since then. I have never ever been insulted and discriminated like this before. Actually I have never been treated like this in my life before. Brand new car stopped on a high way, I was totally traumatized and shocked. I did not know what to do. Instead of saying sorry he kept insulted me. He never ever not even once said he was sorry. I was so upset that I was shivering and crying but he seriously did not care about what happed or how I felt because of a car that we paid $60, 000. This has been one of the worst days and treatment in my life. I like my car but I think Acura has the worst customer service and they do not think about doing anything about it since my husband also complaint about him via email a week ago and nobody responded his emails. I hope they will do something to improve their customer service and they do not hire this kind of people who do not know how to treat customer who has already bought two SUV s from them.

Jul 15, 2015

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