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Acura 3.2 TL / multiple tranmission failures

1 Orange Park, FL, United States

I bought my 200 3.2 TL in 2003 from a delarship in North Caroilna. I then had my frist problem with the transmission in sept 2004 with 65, 000 miles. The car was stalling and hesitating. I took it in to Orange Park Acura and they took full responsiblity and admitted that there was a defect in the TL tranmissions that they were working on. They replaced my transmission free of charge. The car has been fine since then until last week when the car had the same signs of tranmission failure as the first time. It has 141, 000 miles now which doing the math, is 71, 000 miles since the new tranmission was installed. I took it back to Orange Park Acura and they had the same "we will take care of it, this has happen to you before and that is not the expectation of our product". The very next day they call to say they will not warranty the defect because the car is out of warranty, even though they are admitting it's the same defect as the first time and say it doesn't matter that there is a pattern of the first tranmission getting 65, 000 miles and the second one getting 71, 000 miles. They said those facts do not matter, the car had a warranty of either 109, 000 miles or 92 months from the first initial date of purchase in 2000 which was not even me. They did not mention when they replaced the transmission in 2004 that it doesn't not get a new warranty, the origianal warranty keeps on rolling. The represenative on the phone told me that the warranty was black and white and it did not matter if there was a defected part. I asked him how such a large company company who manufactured such luxury products could have a cut off date on a defected part that even has previous documentation from a delarship of occuring more than once? He had no answer for me. I asked him who his boss was and he told me he was as high as it gets and there was no one else for me to talk to. I find that hard to believe as well and am now researching to find the answer because everybody has a boss! I wonder if me being a female has anything to do with this, one can only wonder but I WILL NEVER BUY ACURA AGAIN knowing they have a cut off date for warranting defected parts.


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