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Company is ripping you off by getting credit card information and then charging you monthly because you signed up for a contract and didn't know you did. Read the fine print under the terms (separate part of their website). You will be into this for $$ before you know what's happening and be able to stop the charges. The people working on the phone don't know what they are saying, are rude, and not helpful.

They are connecting their site with other sites Like Bromalite and which are also going to charge you for items you didn't order.

Cancel your credit cards that were used, otherwise you will continue getting monthly fees and have difficultly getting and funds returned.


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  • El
      Feb 07, 2009

    I want to make a complaint agains Acai Berry for false advertisement, giving my debit card number to two other companies and falsely charging my account three different charge. One charge was for $69.96, for one product, another $88.62, and one for $29.95, a total of $188.62. I called to cancel within 15 days of using the product. I was then told, that the 15 day period is from date of ordering which was on 1/6/09, but I didn't receive the product until 1/20/09, and called on 2/6/09 to cancel it. This company is not only a ripp-off, but it has messed up my checking account so much, that I have overdraft charges because I did not expect, the $188.52 to be taken out, and thought this was only costing me $4.95, or $5.95. It is the most expensive $4.95 I ever paid. DO NOT USE ACAI BERRY. Not only does it NOT WORK, they are scam artists, I have learned my lesson on this one, I have called to cancel, and one of the numbers, [protected] will not even answer the phone. I will be filing an complaint with this federal trade commission on these guys. I am also sending them back their product.

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  • Ma
      Feb 07, 2009

    The comments on this web site are true. The free trial is not a free trial. I am not sure if this is a good or bad product. I simply did not enjoy being charged $59.95 on my credit card and the reoccurring monthly charges, when I was informed that I would receive a free trial and that I would only incur shipping charges.

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  • Ni
      Feb 20, 2009

    i ordered acui berry with my credit card and never recived my order

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  • Iv
      Mar 04, 2009

    I ordered this product back in oct 2008. cancelled it right away and thank goodness i still had the copy of the email letting them know that i wanted to discontinue this product(ACUI BERRY).
    i wasnt charged for the month of nov and i wasnt charged in dec.. but all of a sudden im charged in Jan. called to find out why im being charged for something that was clearly cancelled. The lady told me that it was an over site and my acct was still open!!
    She then explained to me that once i recieve the product(ACUI BERRY) to return it. Which i did and i also made sure i got a tracking number from the post office.
    Once i was notifeid that my returned had been delievered, i then called the company and asked how long before i get my refund.
    Well now i was being told that the company didnt recieve it. BULLSHYT!! is what i said. with copies of my reciept of the tracking number and copies of my email stating that i want to cancell this BULLSHYT product i faxed anyone and anysite that i found showing (ACUI BERRY)proof.
    I then called every number on the site till finally some one was able to tell me (after calling every single day 2X daily) that my refund was in the process..I just got off the phone today(5days later still waiting) that it takes 7 to 14 days!! I will be more than happy to furnish phone numbers and fax numbers to anyone who sends me an email..If it helps in anyway!
    [protected] to be continued...

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  • Ba
      Mar 30, 2009

    I also ordered this product and I looked everywhere on that site for info about cancelation and any further charges and found none. The following month I received another bottle and I did not order it. When I called and spoke with someone (who I could hardly understand) I canceled my order and found out I was billed $150.00. This is a RIPOFF!! For everyone Buyer BEWARE! Barb

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  • Ly
      Jul 05, 2009

    This company is a Total scam>>>> I have v arious health problems and ordered the free trial of Acai Berry. I never made any commitment what so ever to buy any other product. Within aprrox. 15 days, I received a package that I had never ordered. I looked at it, did not open it, and proceeded to call my bank. These people had dedcuted almost 83.00 and my electric bill was due in 3 days. As I am divorced and live on fixed income due to my disablility, I was devestated. I was vulnerable like everyone else; thought it was a very trusted site and did not research itl also, used pay pal... I called the BBB and other s in my comsumer handbook after it took me 4 total hrs to reach the company by phone ; listening to music entire 4 hrs, and I timed them... after 4 hrs i received an actual person who was very rude and sounded as if she was reading off a computer... I received a cancellation Number, made her repeat it, and low and behold, called my bank today and they had taken 82.31 out of my checking account again/// This is completely insane; thats almost a sixth of my income for the month... I am desperate again and cant beleive the internet allows these con-artists to post these scams, they are stealing from innocent individuals; alot who proabably have basically nothing SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP

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  • De
      Sep 23, 2009

    This is a scam and when i ordered this product it said all i have to do is pay $ 4.95 for S&H. And when i recieved the product it didn't even have any billing information or anything. I got billed on 9/7/09 for $ 82.35 and$ 89.01. and then on 9/19/09 i was also charged $ 4.07, $ 82.35 and $ 89.01. Grand total of $ 346.79 within 12 days. I have notified my bank and they are working on it. And i even notified the company. I couldn't understand why i was getting these charges. I hadn't even recieved a bill from them or any other products. I have even returned there products back to them.

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