ActivPrayerNon-Payment / Breach of Contract

The principals of ActivPrayer, a supposed "faith" based company in the fitness industry, has hired professional contractors to complete an online website project for the purpose of making profit online. However, the work delivered to the company was then stolen, unlawfully published without the copyright holder's permission, and then refused to pay for service rendered.

Luke Burgis and Chad Wittman are the primary principals in this matter, along with their counterpart, Norbinn Rodrigo.

Luke Burgis, who now resided in Rome and attempting to make it as a priest, is the driving force behind the immoral, illegal non-payment of wages. This is not his first run in with shady business practices.

Chad Wittman, who works at Reebok and has invested money into ActivPrayer, LLC, has allowed such activity to be carried out by his operations manager, Luke Burgis.

Norbinn Rodrigo is a part time helper who also works at Zappos, and has contributed to the project and not complained about the low wages he is paid.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVOther contractors have left the group to pursue other things, recognizing the personality flaws in Luke Burgis and the company culture of ripping off freelance professionals, avoiding W-2 wages and the federal regulations behind them. is a ripoff. This is a website made "by christians, for christians". However, most believers would not condone such an unethical business practice as not paying people for their delivered services and time. This is what they call "hypocritical", which is what this entire operation is. They are nothing but washed up, going no where hoo-hahs calling themselves christians so they can make a buck. If I was a fake christian like them, they would of paid on time, but they clearly discriminated against me for my lack of faith in their religion.
Luke Burgis and also use material on their websites that is copyrighted and owned by someone else, illegally. DMCS reports have also been made against ActivPrayer for such offenses, and attempts have been made to collect the payments owed for services delivered and being used online at, ActivPrayer, LLC, ActivPrayer is a scam, and deadbeat clients.

Aug 24, 2013

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