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Active X Control - Adobe Flash Player 9 / Provide harassment business!

1 United States Review updated:

The company producing these two programs is interrupting appearance of Indian Newspapers (The Telegraph and Ananda Bazar Patrika) for the past 5 weeks. Before blockade both newspapers’ websites appeared within 20-30 seconds, now it takes over 5 minutes (I don’t have DSL) for each one to appear, and then at every reappearance of news the interruption “ THIS SITE might NEED ACTIVE X CONTROL AND ADOBE FLASHPLAYER 9” click here to download. They don’t need those as they appear after substantial lapse of time, while the company says it MIGHT NEED. It makes no sense to me.

I am not a techie and with my best efforts I could not find the company’s e-mail address. It seems the company is in the harassment business than provide any real help to Internet visitors. I wish all Internet visitors take note of these two programs as harassment programs.

Please let readers know how low this company is

Best wishes and regards

S. Choudhury, Ph.D.

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  • De
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    Someone sent me a link to "the", but the link gave no clue as to what this movie was about. Since a business customer sent the link in a business e-mail, I took the risk to watch the trailer of the movie. It required I download this Adobe ActiveX Control and I agreed. After that, my newly reconfigured and washed laptop basically got stuck on that page and never did play the trailer. I am disgusted. I now want to uninstall the program through my control panel, but I'm not sure anymore what my new laptop came with from Toshiba and don't want to delete my initial software programming. Oh brother! The Secret can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. Later.

  • Ir
      6th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have Flash Player 9 and it will not work properly. The program will load and begin to play for a couple of seconds and then it hesitates and the program loads again. It will play another few seconds and hesitate again. I have purchased a registry cleaner and used it. I have uninstalled Flash Player and then re-installed it. I have made sure that my computer allows pop-ups from and so far none of this has helped. I am getting very disgusted---what good is a program that will not work properly?

  • Ma
      30th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    l cant play biliard in gamezer

  • Gu
      11th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have looked for this Active X Control a lot. And thanks for everybody presents some advices to the people. He assists us to developing our performance.
    Thank you again

  • Ar
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Flash Player is an Active X control, it should not be taking 5 minutes to load, except maybe the first time it is required. It is not harassing, its just large. The complaint should be directed toward the newspapers in question, and it should be requested to make the newspapers available in non-Flash format. I do not know about Indian newspapers, but most of the major US newspapers are providing CSS feeds. If you are limited to dial-up speed, I recommend researching CSS, which is usually just text/HTML and probably a better way for you to get the news items you want.

    For Dena Webster, The Secret is a book/movie about the ability to manifest your intentions. There are a variety of factors which may cause a browser to freeze, it could be quality of the video encoding, insufficient memory, a bad/incomplete plugin-install, a less-than-stable internet connection, perhaps even firewall or other security software being over-protective, or an undetected virus or other malware. Blaming the Secret or Flash Player would be premature without a proper diagnosing of the real problem. Given the frustration and your reaction to it, I can see why your colleague may have recommended The Secret, What The bleep Do I know, might be more appropriate.

    For Iris N. Jordan, Flash Video can be jerky when connection is less stable. If you are behind a router that is sharing an internet connection then the more people doing stuff on the network the more likely the video will be jerky. Also, if you have a lot of programs open, the more processing the computer is not doing for streaming your video. Also, the video itself may not have been streamed or encoded well, and that can cause issues.


    For Everybody: Brower Plug-ins that work with every flavor of windows and every browser and every combination of software you install on your computer is very complicated, if you have a problem look for forums and technical support. If you have a problem, somebody else has also, and there are a lot of people out there willing to help.

  • Bo
      4th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Adobe Flashplayer is BLOATED. Saving pictures used to be real simple on Aol until Adobe Flashplayer arrived. Now it is a convoluted, tedious task. Yes Adobe, like others, just get fatter and slower...BLOATED

  • Ge
      4th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Adobe flashplayer is supposed to be good? Who needs it? It is just their marketing ploy for $$. A sluggish program made only 'tolerable' by dsl or cable connection. We did better before without it. Just more trash consuming bandwith and resourses.

  • An
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    All the Adobe products I've seen run poorly and are very annoying to use, yet there are so many pdf files that you have to use it. Now you have to use their idiotic flash player to play youtubes and other net videos. I had to uninstall and reinstall the latest updated adobe flash player 3 times before it worked correctly and played youtube and other net videos properly without stopping or shorting out the sound completely. The third re-install was after re-setting my computer hard drive configuration to a date prior to the first install. That's great quality control on adobe's part. Way to make your software compatible with all the current systems out there. My PC has MSWindowsMediaXP so it's not out of date. What a lousy annoying product adobe is. Now a site I need to study for my licensing exam is telling me, one month after installing adobe's last flash player that I have to install a new one with active x controls. At this point, I don't dare as I don't want to spend a week or two fixing adobe's screw ups again.

  • An
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was referring to Adobe #8 in my last post, now a month or so later they want us to download #9. Excuse me, why??? Why????

    Will I have to reinstall #9 three times too, to get it work? This company seriously needs an overhaul. It used to be you could use other players, now adobe and its garbage products are invading everything.

    Why, why would I want to install #9, which sites will now force me to do, when I had to reinstall #8 three times to work. Why?

  • Pi
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    ive been told i have to download adobe flash player AGAIN.
    so i did, and it is still saying i havn't downloaded it. i have downloaded it 14 times now .

  • Ro
      17th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    What can be done about this, this is harassment.I have down loaded this player time after time and installed it, and still every time I fire up my browser Adobe kidnaps my webpage and up loads the same page saying my player is out of date and needs to be, and required to be up dated again. I usually have to start every thing I do again because of this.

    I have been to Internet options and entered there Url address into the kill pop up area but that does no good.

    I think its just another way of loading other trash on our computers we don't want and don't need.

    This is Harassment and on purpose.

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