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Active Periodicals / Attempted Telemarketing Fraud

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Just received a call from an elderly sounding woman, stating that if I answered four questions, I could receive a free gift certificate for some merchandise, with payment of a shipping fee. I should have been suspicious with that statement, but proceeded to answer her questions. Was I male or female, what year was I born. The third question was requesting my income information and I told her was currently unemployed, of which, she said she was sorry to hear that. I then asked her where I could locate information regarding her company, but she proceeded to hang up on me without further questioning. Based on your prior complaints, I guess I was very lucky I did not get the chance to provide any credit card information and will definitely go back to hanging up on any unknown phone numbers showing up on my caller id unit. The number for the company on my caller id is [protected], which I called and it is a voice message allowing you to leave your phone number to be removed from their system.

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  • Su
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    Started an account years ago; never understood that when they called to "check up", they were starting the acct all over again. This was never explained. As I neared what I thought was the end of my payment period, I discovered they had scammed me, and I owed them $685 to make them GO AWAY. Didn't work - they called me incessantly (sometimes more than a dozen times a day). Yes, I'm on the do-not-call list, and I have told them angrily many, many times to NEVER call me again. They sent me dozens of magazines I did not want, and created a huge trash problem. My mailbox was always stuffed with this junk.

    When they called on Sept. 3, 2009, I again told them to go away and never call again. A man who identified himself as a supervisor (very hard to understand - heavily slurred words) told me there was a technical problem my acct, and they couldn't close it out. However, this could be done if I signed up for a temporary dummy acct so that he could process the acct closure properly. He promised me not a cent would ever be taken from my acct, and he would be able to "fix things" by the end of the week. I spent more than half an hour going over this with the woman who prompted the recording and her "supervisor", reiterating to both of them that I do not lie, and I was very uncomfortable with this solution. When I asked to speak with a manager, I was transferred back to the man I refer to as "supervisor". After many promises that this was not a new sign-up, I did agree, with great hesitation.

    A few days later, I received a letter from them that I had signed up for 4 new magazines - three I don't want and never mentioned, and one of the three I payed completely for in the spring. I checked my acct, and found they'd charged me $41.90. I immediately closed this acct, requiring me to change all my auto-pays to a new acct. I'm still staightening out that mess.

    Now I receive frequent calls from their collections. I am again screening all my calls because of them. If I hadn't had my phone number for 30 yrs, I'd change that too. I'm filing this report with as many organizations as I can find, and I want to join a lawsuit(s) against them. They have harassed me endlessly, and the least I can do is cause them as much trouble and expense as I possibly can.

  • Se
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    My experiences are extremely similar if not exactly the same. Active Periodicals is a horrible company that makes money off of people by intimidation and corporate technicalities.

    I am a recent college graduate and have been suckered into their subscription service because of the $1000 shopping spree they promised me.

    First of all, for those who are familiar with Active Periodicals, the shopping spree is fake.

    They charged me $58 and change every month for up to 4 months before the first magazines showed up. Now when they arrived, they were not what I requested. So I complained. The number they provided led to an answering machine which they called me back A MONTH later!
    only to apologize for the misunderstanding but not for the wrong magazines. So without offering a refund, they simply apologized and promised that next month would be different. They lied.

    Every month for a total of 6 months, I have received garbage magazines that have nothing to do with me and would never spark an interest in me to even open the cover. So every month I dispute the charges on my credit card company but ultimately I had to cancel that AND my bank card because after disputing the charge on my credit card, they would automatically deduct out of my checking.

    So after not being able to recieve money from me, the phone calls started coming... and were they nasty. A lady calls and starts to raise her voice at me and said that if I don't pay the full amount ($600 something) then legal action would be taken.

    They do that every month and I doubt they would do anything to me because I did nothing wrong.

    They say that I signed a contract that deems it illegal for me to not pay. And I said that it is illegal for them to take my money and not give me the products I purchased. The lady actually cursed at me and said that I was wasting her time. She said that she wasn't calling to remedy the situation but to tell me that if I don't pay, they will ruin my credit.

    Now if a company was legit, first they would give you the product you asked for, and second, they would try to make sure the customer is satisfied and try to remedy any complications, as opposed to threaten their customer and initmidate them with legal actions.

    So after all these long words, I wish I have never picked up that phone call from them. Please anyone, if you want magazines, just order from the suppliers themselves. All major magazines offer a very cheap annual subscription. Yes the offer from Active is cheaper and sounds very tempting but its not worth it because they do not deliver on their end and you would be stuck with either $600 less in your account, or headaches and harrassment phone calls from them for the next year a half.

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