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Active Periodicals / Total scam

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So i just got a call like 10 min ago from active periodicals and i know i have had calls like this before. They told me i had won a 1, 000 online shopping spree. So my first words were " whats the catch? ". This old lady told me nothing. So i went on to answer her qualifying questions. She asked me if i was still at my address, Yes. She asked me what year i was born. She asked me if i was married or single. i said in a relationship. I then got passed over to some other woman. During this time i heard her say " here take this one its a good one". I didn't quite understand what they meant. Then next old lady then asked me the same questions and then added on income requirements. I stated that i was a student. She then asked " then does your boyfriend support you. I said no. And she said sorry i cant qualify you then. That was when i got on here and read every thing. For the first time something i am glad i didn't qualify for.

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  • Ty
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    These are the most digraceful con artists I've ever met. One elderly woman was subscribed FIVE TIMES for the same two magazines. She lost a mimimun of $2000. They need to be sued bigtime with a class action suit, Erin Brockovich style.
    They add magazines without OK, and totally misrepresent everything they're doing. Complete scam.

  • Al
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    thats insane, i have had nothing but good things come from this company. the people who called my house were polite and explained everything to me so i understood it. not to mention i recieved a $1, 000.00 shopping spree. ive been with them for a while now, and everytime i have a concern the customer service is wonderful. i dont understand why everyone has negative things to say about this company. i get my magazines on time, get to buy stuff for free and enjoy life.

    --alexa tebbin

  • An
      12th of May, 2009
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    Just received a similar call like the one mentioned, except I didn't qualify, due to being unemployed, which made me post my complaint about the company. Thanks for reporting your incident, as it really helped me.

  • Le
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    The owner of the company is a member of the Gamino crime family and had been jailed recently for his fraudulent activites within this company - ie. scam and rip-off through the mails with spurious promises of magazines at a "discount" and bogus $1, 000 shopping sprees. Numerous lawsuits are currently being filed against this company and they are being investigated by the FTC and other national agencies for violations of business practice and regulations. The BBB has them on file as a member in good standing (albeit with a ton of complaints and, according to them, have all been satisfactorily resolved). In time I think they will earn that F rating, for now the ware "under review"and no further info is available on them there. Cortera, a company rating service lists them as being "slow to pay" their outgoing obligations to their creditors, as wll. They have the very lowest rating there. Not a solid company. No website to speak of, just a front. Whoever posted a positive reply above is doubtless one of the owners of the company spreading lies.

  • Li
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    I just got a call from this company. They told me that I had won a $1000 shopping spree and 5 magazines. All they needed was to verify my info. I was very leery and asked what the catch was. They told me that it was not a catch and that i had been selected as they select 5 people every 2 years as "preferred customers" from my credit card company. They said that it was Visa wanting t othank me for being a loyal customer. I immediately knew it was a scam because I DON"T HAVE CREDIT CARDS! I will NEVER have a credit card! My check/debit card for my bank isn't even a VISA - it is a mastercard! I knew they were full of crap. They said that they needed my cc# to get my stuff out to me, and I informed them that if VISA wanted to thank me, then VISA should have my card #.

  • Sl
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    Active periodicals are a totally disreputable company!
    I was contacted by them, told I was being given a $1000.00 shopping spree, and free magazines... All I had to do was cover the cost of mailing them to me. I told the agent I was not interested, as I do not have time to sit around reading magazines and they would just collect dust on the table. The salesman just kept pushing and pushing, so I finally said, "What type of items are available through the company of the $1000.00 shopping certificate. I asked specifically, "are there electronics like computers, video equiptment etc. "Oh yes!" "They carry all kinds of stuff like that."
    So, being stupid, and just wanting them to leave me alone, I agreed.
    Once the shopping certificate arrived, I looked to see what was available to be had... Nothing but total crap! The closest thing to what I had specifically asked about was a clock radio which was totally overpriced and certainly not anything most people would want in anyway. So the shopping voucher was simply thrown away and never used.
    Being a honest person, and not really concerned about the monthly payment, I continued to pay the agreed fees for 9 months prior to receiving a phone call from this ### company's representative exclaiming, "Sinse you've been such a great customer, we are going to cut your monthly rate!" ONLY PROBLEM WAS THAT THE "LOWER RATE" WAS HIGHER THAN I HAD AGREED TO." So, I told the fellow, NO THANKS! My payments are less than that already." He then proclaimed, "what you've been paying was just a short term promotional rate, now the rate is X". I informed him, sorry, I'm willing to pay what I agreed to pay, not a penny more, take it or leave it!" He hung up, and the following payment came out of my account at the same rate as it always had.
    1 Month later, I received an identical call from someone claiming to be an account manager. I told him the samething. Then he proclaimed that I was behind on my account. I explained to him, that I was not, because I could see the charge on my account. He then proceeded to explain how the rate I was paying was a promo rate and now my rate was higher. I told him, if the rate I had agreed to was not acceptable, just cancel, and I would contact my card carrier and stop any further charges from clearing. At this time the fellow became very beligerant and proclaimed that "I knew everything, and they would just destroy my credit!" THAT REALLY PISSED ME RIGHT OFF! I'VE WORKED LONG AND HARD TO HAVE GOOD CREDIT, AND HAVING SOME DISREPUTABLE UNDERHANDED COMPANY DAMAGE IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I immediately called the carrier of my credit card and put a stop payment on any further charges to that company. Now, Im constantly being harassed by these jack ###, and being told, "We'll see you in court."
    I doubt that this will ever happen, as I really dont think they could ever win! They are simply trying to use scare tactics, and extort money from me. I WILL NEVER, GIVE THEM ANOTHER PENNY! I REFUSE TO GIVE MY MONEY TO UNDERHANDED GROUP OF UNSCRUPPLESS PEOPLE LIKE THIS! If they do file any damaging reports towards my credit rating... I WILL FILE A LAW SUIT FOR DAMAGES, FRAUD, AND HARASSMENT!
    At this time, I'm already filing a complaint with the BBB, and the Florida State Attorney General's Office regarding this shady company, and their underhanded practices.

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