ACS Cash Services & Law Investigation DeptKeep receiving calls and emails about every 3 weeks.

Quit answering phone calls, but now getting emails about every 2to 3 weeks. Latest was from ACS cash services, attorney Steve, saying I owe 1459.00 but will have to pay court cost if they download my file to court house. Costs will be 5459.00 They have SS number an bank account. They threaten me with calling work an getting me fired each time its a different attorney name but ways an only a email no physical address to mail any thing to. I usually have 2days to comply before they will garanchie my wages, an send police with a summons, an seize my assets. Have never had a loan from any company like this an the couple of payday loans I did have were payed off 5an6 years ago. I'm really getting tired of the threats an it worries me that they have all
My info.

May 12, 2017

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