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I received an email alert of a current credit card deduction, which I did not authorize. I called the
toll free telephone number given from the transaction. The recording stated it had a 24 hour customer service agent availability. No one answered the call, just a continuous recording stating my call would be forwarded to the next available product specialist (agent).

Apr 10, 2014
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  • Jo
      Oct 12, 2015

    I noticed a charge on my checking account yesterday of $24.95 and the post was as follows: Acm*yourbeautyad888-8708802 Nj. Of course I didn't recognize the business, and this is my first attempt at investigating the matter. I will say I HAVE NOT ordered from them as far as I can remember, and I DID NOT authorize them to remove money from my account.
    If they offered a "free sample" or an amazing deal I would have fell for it. Since I have no recollection that would have been at least 3 months ago. So what am I being charged for currently?? Thanks, Jodie

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  • El
      Jun 17, 2016

    I just checked my bank statement and I had two charges from acm. I have not ordered nor received anything from them. Does anyone know how to contact them. I am disabled so forty dollars is a lot of money to me.

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  • Sc
      Jul 04, 2016

    These companies are out-and-out scammers if this is the only company that has debited your card you are lucky they also go by Dermatology ACM Keranique ACM try La aging cream Laney serum NBL de la Fleur skin La Creme skin revitaline complexion Bella labs and there is more their MO is just to keep renewing your account they will at times reimburse you and then they will charge you again a start-up fee and then the 87 91 the X we have been charged off and on since 2009 it finally stopped in 2015 we are still fighting to get our money back

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  • Ak
      Jul 21, 2016

    This company seems to be out-and out scammers. They debited my credit card today for $98.00 without any of my knowledge. I do not use any beauty creams or anything from this company. Credit card customer service gave me phone no from where the charge was made and on calling them no one answers the phone and I have left the message. The company's phone is a camera shop.

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  • De
      Aug 18, 2016

    iam deborah hammock. and im an older disabled woman that lives on my check from month to month. and i go to check on my statement from my bank and it said that i had a dedection from this company called acmbeauty. my daughter in law help me to find out what this company was. and we found this site that lead us here. and we seen everyones complains on here. i got ripped of. this company charged my card $98.00 that i didnt authorize myself. can anyone help me or lead me in the right direction on sueing these people. cause i thought this is against the law?????? right??????you can contact on facebook. just put in my name(as stated above) my pic is of me outside with my hair pullled back in a ponytail with a white tshirt

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