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I have had all the same problems with this company, I oredered on 7-12-09 the mailed on 7-23-09 delivered on 7-25-09 charged my cc on 7-26-09 only 1 day for the free trail of 15 days called and called for days no answer got on website my order and live chat with company employee, told me the free trail started the day that I placed the order on 7-12 I asked why they mailed it out on the 23rd and timed it perfectly at the end of the free trail period inside box was no invoice no acc # just a bottle of pills I never even recieved an e-mail conformation of the order and assumed it never went through SCAMMERS eveything that they did was decieving they need to be shut down

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  • Pe
      Nov 23, 2008
    Aciaberry - OVER $120 STOLEN by ONLINE!
    United States

    My Cking acc. was charged 29.95 on 11/4 & then 89.43 on 11/17/08 by a Company I never heard of "Fit-Fac". I called this Co. [protected](listed in Nevada & Utah) and on a 3way w/Bank they hung up on my Bank. I now have Fruad charges against them! Utah calls the Co "Netpurchase" [protected]. I changed my debit card at my Bank! You should all do this immediately to avoid more charges!

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  • Br
      Nov 26, 2008
    Aciaberry - Unauthorized Charges to My Bank Card
    New York
    United States

    I order a sample of aciaberry, the site said that I would be charged $1 with no shipping and handling. They put a hold on my account for $1 and never claimed the money. After returning from vacation I found that they had charged my debit card in the amount of $89.31 that I never authorized. I called to complain and was not given any consideration and was told that on the web site it says that if I didn't call before 14days that I would be charged $89.31 that was non refundable . I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on. I am ticked off and called my bank and filed a claim. The bank will credit my account while they pursue these charges but if they find that they are valid they will charge me again. I have a feeling that the company will say that in the fine print I had agreed to this. Please anyone that would be able to advise me what else I can do email me.

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  • Tj
      Dec 16, 2008
    Aciaberry - Unauthorized Charges
    United States

    Do not order from this company, they will charge your account continually. I would suggest you cancel your card if you have ordered from them. The refuse to reverse the charges. I only received the free trial, haha. To date I have been charge $162.94. The were rude and not helpfull when you do manage to get hold of them. You get the run around on phone numbers and how to get this stopped. What a scam.

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  • Be
      Jan 23, 2009
    Aciaberry - Will not return refund
    SLF Nutrition llc
    127 No. West 13th Street Suite 4
    Boca Raton
    United States
    Phone: n/a

    During my trial period trying AciaBerry pills i did not want to continue with the product.I returned the product as they asked to the above address which they signed for when received bottle of pills.This was in December 2008.After talking to a customer service several times, and they stated i would be refunded my $94.51 which was charged to my bank account by AciaBerry company.They still have not credited my account as of 01/22/09.Help someone!!!

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  • Sa
      Feb 03, 2009

    I too tried their "free trial" product and received one small bottle of some pills. I never received the other "cleaner" product and therefore did not EVEN open the "free trial" product! I looked at my charge card... and I have two charges for 3.99 of which I only received one bottle... and then I was charged... three times (3X) 87.13 for products that have NEVER been sent or received!

    We too called and complained... of course, it sounds as if it is a line to another country and NOT a call to Florida.

    The girl said, that she would expedite it to the bookkeeping department... but, you just know that is a JOKE!


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  • Sh
      Mar 05, 2009
    Aciaberry - continue to charge for product
    United States
    Phone: [protected]/[protected]

    I ordered trial bottle of aciaberry for 5.95. I called several times to cancel as I do not think it is worth 88.95 for additional shipments. I was transfered (through a live person) and left on hold for 17 min, again for 13 min, and again for 15 min, who has that kind of time. Finally I was able to leave a message with another live person, she claimed someone would call me back within in 2 hours (it has been 2 weeks) and no one returned my call. Several shipments have been sent and charged since, each one I have refused at time of delivery through the Post Office's scanning system, so all transactions are on file.

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  • Un
      Apr 27, 2009
    Aciaberry - no product, and charged
    United States

    I ordered the trial for aciaberry on March 12, 2009. I was charged for the shipping and handeling, then an additional 88.00 for another bottle. I have never received the trial, (nor the additional bottle I was charged for), and I cancelled the order before the due date. I have spoke with this company at least 6 times over the past month and a half. They said they would refund the 88.00 within 5-7 days. It has now been 13 days...still not refund, still no aciaberry at all. You can guarantee I am on the phone with them as I am typing this. Okay, now they said I will see the refund within 3-5 days, and supposedly my trial is still on the way. I have ordered several things on-line before, and the product arrives within 5 days. I have been waiting almost 2 months for this. They say it was shipped in March 12th...geez, did it have to go to the moon and back first, or what?! I am very unhappy and disgrundled!!!

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  • An
      Sep 08, 2009
    Aciaberry - fraud

    i have odered a trial pack of aciaberry which is of no use can
    n calling the company is impossible as they put me online for 20 min then no reply for three times im sick of it and want to cancel my order can any1 help me ill be greatful to u guys
    plz reply

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  • Ai
      Sep 08, 2009

    The only way out of this is to cancel the card you put the order on. They will not call you back if this info has changed which shows they they are fraudulent company. That is the only way. Just cancel the card and that will stop all charges

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  • Ac
      Sep 19, 2009

    This company is awful!!! I have never been given the run around and or put on hold for so long before in my life. I had ordered the trial bottle, did not cancel...but was also being charged for product that I did not receive. I had called to complain they said that the order should be arriving is a few days. Well the days went by and I still did not get my order. I called again got more of the same, at that time I asked to cancel because I feel as if I WAS GETTING SCREWED!!!. At that point and time I had been charged twice and still had not even recieved my first original order that I purchased. Each time I called I asked to speak to a supervisor, than was put on hold for SEVERAL MINUTES at a time. At one point I called back at least 5 times and had been given the run around each time. I am now disputing this with my MASTERCARD COMPANY. I hope this ends soon. I feel for the next person that has to deal with this company because in my opinion each person I spook with sounded like they did not know what the were doing and or did not speak english very well, I had a hard time understanding them, then of course I never did get to speak with someone in charge.VERY DISSAPOINTED IN A VERY POORLY RAN BUSINESS.

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