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Acia Berry / &Your Risk Free trial, just pay shipping&

United States Review updated:
They never sent me the free trial bottle even though i paid for the shipping and then they charged 89.13 to my checking account! I want my money back this is a scam! This advertisment needs to be taking of the internet.

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  12th of Dec, 2008
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I totally agree don't ever use a free trial for Acia Berry or Colon Cleasne. I have had two different charges in the last couple of days to my account one for 89.13 and one for 78.84. I had signed up for a free trial for Acia Berry through one company and Colon Cleanse through another. They both were for shipping only. However their scam is that you have only 15 days to cancel before they charge your card again. The one company that offered the colon cleanse charges you 78.84 for a bottle and if you don't cancel before it ships you are charged. The other company charges you for the free trial bottle if you do not cancel with 15 days. Of course unless you scroll in the very bottom to click on terms on both of these companies sites you don't know this it is not clearly posted. I have had to cancel my debit card because of these matters. They are scams and getting away with it, my bank can not do anything about it since it was a charge with all my correct information. PLEASE BE AWARE DO NOT ORDER ANY TRIAL OFFER THROUGH THE INTERNET OR OVER THE PHONE!!
  11th of Jan, 2009
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I went to order one of these "Free, pay only the shipping costs" deals. Once I got to the end filing out the credit card number and completing the transaction, there was a large, but small print, paragraph explaining how you have to pay these fees to continue in the program. It did tell you had to cancel within 14 days. One other thing I noted is that along with the "free" trial, they had a box already checked to order an extra product for almost $40 dollars. If you didn't notice that, you would be charged for that also!

It is always, always best to read very carefully anything in print before you push that last button to finish the transaction!

As a very old saying goes, "Buyer beware". This can be a very difficult lesson to be learned by many, considering the high rate of such scams out there for a lot more money.

Also, call your credit card company and fight the charges. They will do this for you are more than likely win and the charges will be removed!! So many people do not know this. But it must be done in a certain time frame.

So ALWAYS check your statements every month because some charges can come on your card for things you do not actually buy! Always question anything that does not look right and check it out with your credit card company. People pay their bill without looking for the most part. So these sneaky companies can truly steal your money.

It is YOUR money, so protect it!
  10th of Feb, 2009
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this is rosemary saia. i am deaf. i was throught free onl pay shipping 4.99 dollar, i was use my credit card. next month. they charge me 79.96. my credit card. i was very upset. i look their phone number. i cant find it. please help me. thank you, rosemary saia
  10th of Feb, 2009
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You need to cut up your credit card. They will keep charging it without your consent. Trust me, they will. Call your credit card Company and make them aware of the fraudulent charges. Get rid of the card.

You might have a better chance getting your money back from /link removed/
If it really is a legit company.
  10th of Feb, 2009
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Hope this helps you Rosemary,
Be careful, don't let them talk you into keeping that credit card open.

Hope this helps you: Below is what was posted on this website:

you guys should call 952-908-4112, they're the complany that handles all the charges for this Acai Burner and the Colon Ceanser stuff. You'll fget through right away, and they can pull your account infor up with your e-mail address. then just indicate that you'll like to cancel or subscription or get your money back


I'm ashamed to say, I actually work for this company. I don't push magazine sales, but I do sell rebate vouchers. We have to read word for word from a script. I actually thought something was a bit fishy at this place when, in the first line of my script I say that I'm calling from an order verification department & that I'm call on behalf of "Aton Solutions" - but the business I work for & the name that's on the top corner of my paycheck is Reader's Choice. I also mention that "we're" the makers of Acai Berry, Colon xR, Total Cleanse and White Tea with Acai. However, these calls are monitor recorded so you can try using that to your advantage. I actually just called the 800 # given to customers in order to cancel and it was a recording saying that the number I was trying to reach is no longer in service and was given another number to call: (800) 712-5000, curious, I dialed the number & it was a recording of some super enthusiastic lady saying that I just called the Reward Center and if I pressed 2 on my telephone keypad then I would be redirected to a customer service representative. I was on hold for 6 minutes too long.. I got impatient and hung up. I will try my best to help you with what I can. ... If you still can't get through to anyone, I suggest you write and xerox a copy of a formal letter of cancellation and keep all your phone records of unanswered calls handy. You could also file a written complaint form at /link removed/ they are building a case against this fraudulent business as I write.

The address & direct phone line for Reader's Choice is:
720 Aerovista Place Ste. D
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 547-8610

Correction: There is a Case being put together against these scam artist.

Also, you might want to save that bogus product and have it tested so that it can be turned in to the Attorney Generals office.

These Scam Artist will throw this line at you: "You should have read the fine line."

So save that bogus product and use that against them and lets get these fools arrested!

There is a post on this website with some of the ingredients in this stuff: it says "NOT DIGESTIBLE BY HUMANS!"

Just found this post on this website:

2 minutes ago by michelle
Hello, this is the manager of Customer Service for this product. Just letting you all know that our Customer Service hours are Monday thru Friday 8AM-5:30PM and the number is 1-877-317-0189. We do have a 30 day risk free satisfaction Guarantee. So please give us a call and any one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with anything that they can. Also you can email your request to cancel info@verifyyourorder.com.
Have a great day
  30th of Mar, 2009
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Scam artists. You can't get thru to them-I saw no note in my shipmentas someone said they got. I received the "free" sample and then a charge for the full price of the product which I did not order. How can companies do this. And I actually searched on line for complaints and found none -until now. Plus all the hype about that doctor being on Oprah and Fox news and the Today Show. Was all that made up too???

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