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Acia Advanced / Not what I ordered

1 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 904-273-8266

I ordered the product, Acia Advanced, after I read that Dr. OZ had recommended it. I then learned (after I ordered it) that unauthorized charges are made to your credit card by that company, in that they place in the small print, apparently, that they are doing that, but I never saw it. I called as soon as I received the product (and the warning on the internet). I knew that I had agreed to the $5.95 shipping charge. When I called them they argued and wanted to charge me $60+ and finally gave me a return authorization number, but they said I had to include the original invoice which I never saw. I looked in the package envelope and there was none. I am returning the bottle unopened with a copy of my email order and the return number. I have contacted American Express and explained what was going on.

This is a scam and should be stopped. I just don't know how to stop them from hurting others.

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  • Lo
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Be careful of the 15 day trial scam!!! This and many other sites are claiming to give a 15 day trial - SAVE your $100.00 (64.95 product + S&H 9.95, and 24.95 for the VITLIVE (the no option online weight loss program, that you really won't have a chance to review for your 4 day trial).

    Check below this complaint for the product I suggest, it's works, it's cheap, and can be found at your local grocer/pharmacy.

    My story
    It takes the company 2-3 days to ship the product, then it takes a week to arrive in your mail box, but it's going to take another week for the return. Your not even going to have 1 week to try the product, because you have to get it returned to them before the 15th day and your not going to notice a difference in a week. Again, SAVE YOUR $100.00.

    The customer support for this product is nice but terrible, they can do nothing for you - too bad, so sad. It will take you days to reach them by phone and they don't work weekends. One of the phone services gave a website of "", I tried that but my email was refused and kicked back to me as undeliverable. Once they get your credit card number they have your money, and your not getting it back.

    I printed out the policy with my order conformation, I still didn't see anything about calling for a Return Material Autherization #, I finally got through the phone line a week later after I sent my product in (with ship docs inside). Appearently, theres nothing they can do, they can't call the warehouse to check if my product arrived without the RMA#, they can't check with the warehouse to see if anyone opened a box with the ship docs inside, and my mailing conformation proving I returned the product means nothing. I not only didn't get to keep the product but lost $100.00.

    This is the kind of customer service/policy you would expect in a foreign country - you don't like it, too bad.

    The customer service was so adamant about the return policy being on the paper work that I didn't see, I began to look further. I found it, it's on the back of the "flyer advertisement" that is sent with the product, the catch "you have to call the customer service to get that RMA#" but your call is not going to get through. Save your $100.00.

    This is my contribution to anyone who has the smarts to check the complaints before the purchase.

    Try "Laci Le Beau Super Dieter's Tea", it has the same acting ingredient (Senna) as Acai for flushing the stomach (to loosen your bowls) and is much cheaper. You can find the super Dieter's Tea in most super markets/drug stores either in the diet area or the tea area. 1 box will last 2 months for $5.95, its 100% natural/caffeine free and has many flavors available.

    Before bedtime drink the tea (as directed) and take a daily multivitamin, eat right and with daily excercise you'll look and feel great.


  • Pe
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    I will have to put a stop on this with my card.

  • Pe
      27th of Jun, 2009
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    I did not order 2 different let alone 1, k.

  • Ga
      9th of Aug, 2009
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    I ordered one bottle 'Acia' for the shipping & handling charge of $ 5.95, which I paid and rec'd. Now I just received another bottle of Acia which I did NOT order! I am being charged for this 2nd bottle, in amount of
    $74.90? This is fraud-big time which will be reported to my State Attorney's office because I did not order a second bottle of ACIA!

  • Ga
      9th of Aug, 2009
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    To: Acia Advanced
    41 Canal St.
    Lewiston, ME 04240

    On order # AC1214691 for the total charge of: $74.90 this is a 'FRAUD CHARGE' because I did not order which I will not pay, and if taken illegally from my account I WILL turn you over to the appropriate authorities!!!

    Gale Running Wolf

  • Do
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Acia Advanced - Not what it is advertised to be.
    United States

    I ordered the above product based on what I read on the internet. The product is a joke and doesn't work. The company does send you a free trial for the first 15 days but it begins with the date the product is shipped. It is takes a week to get the product which leaves you 5 days to try the product out. Ok nothing works in 5 days. By the time you call to cancel the order you already have a shipment in the mail charged/debited to your account that you can't cancel because due to the delay receiving the package in the mail your 15 days are up. Also - you are automatically signed up for some stupid internet news letter for 24.95 a month that is automatically debited to your account that was in such small print you didn't even know about it until you receive your statement and by that time you have been charged a second month at 24.95. Do not order this product it is a rip off. There are issues returning the product and getting your money back. The company thinks they can keep the unopened merchandise and not debit your money back. What a disappointment and false advertisement. Thanks Donna

  • La
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    stop winning people read your terms and conditions, w e as a consumer need to be more responsiable of what we are buying these days people that do the most complaining are the ones who never read those terms and conditions.i've gone to this web site it's very clear of what your getting into.remember people theres nothing free out your t/c

  • Mi
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I cancelled my order almost 2 weeks ago and I just received another bottle. I called customer service stating I wanted to return the product and receive a credit since the order arrived after I had already cancelled. They stated that I could not return the product or get my money back since the order was sent the day I cancelled. I was not aware there was another order on the way. I cancelled immediately after receiving the product.

  • Ts
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    Acia Advanced - couldn't cancel within designated time because no one would answer the toll free number printed on invoice that you are to call to request a RMA
    3 V Marketing
    Portland Maine
    United States
    Phone: 207-899-0553 - direct #

    I purchased Acia Advanced for trial cost of $5-$6. I needed to cancel my order by a certain date or I would begin to receive a bottle every month. I called the toll free number at bottom of invoice accompanying my product, 888-247-5160, to cancel my order but no one ever answered the phone at that number. I actually sat at my desk doing work and let the phone ring at that # for 45 minutes. No one picked up. I tried the # several times at different times during the answer. By drilling down with various addresses and phone numbers, I was able to come up with a direct phone number to 3V Marketing in Portland Maine. My first call didn't get answered, my 2nd call did. I talked to Jill, the controller, and then to Megan ... told them about not being able to cancel account because no one picked up at the toll free number, they kept asking how I got their phone number and if I had talked to customer service. I said if customer service is at 888-247-5160 then no, I haven't talked to them 'cuz no one picks up the phone!!! Jill sounded like a sweet gal..probably pretty young...I asked her if she enjoyed working for a scam company and asked her how she could sleep at night. I advised her to bail and get a job with some integrity and to never, never admit she worked for 3V Marketing!!! Then she asked for my phone # and told me Megan would call me back. I was hesitant to hang up but I did and Megan did call me right back. She credited two payments of $74.90 back to my card and cancelled by account with 3V Marketing. She, too, sounded like a very sweet young gal ... who I think was very hesitant to call me back, I might add. I doubt if either of these gals are aware of the scam business they are working for. I went on line to and got the name and phone numbers of Eric Crouse, 207-347-5691 and a Ryan Dall, 805-643-1056, in an effort to get a street address for 3V Marketing. Ryan is at 1455 E Main St. Suite 200 Ventura CA. When I put in Eric's phone number in reverse phone the address came up as unpublished. I wonder why?????? I could have looked it up if I was willing to pay for the info. SO if you are having difficulty canceling your account with Acia Advanced..the magic number is 207-99-0553!! Good luck! (oh...I still have to check my account through the week to make sure the money is put back in my account. If it isn't, you'll hear from me again!!!) Also I did look up Acia Advanced on the Better Business Bureau website...they had over 700 complaints like mine and the BBB rating for them is an F.

  • Li
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    how did you contact them by phone, I have yet to find a phone # for them, last month I returned the unopened package and wrote can cell, today i received another shipment. Help!!!

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