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Acer Laptop / surely the worst

1 India Review updated:

I think the attached letter to Acer explains in detail of my concerns, disappointment and frustration in dealing with a despicable company which really should be held to account for its shambolic customer service..surely the worst.

letter is as follows:

Sarita Banyard
Esplex Ltd
Unit M Eagle Road
Langage Business Park

Dear Ms. Banyard

Without Prejudice

I am compelled to write to an official complain concerning my statutory rights over a laptop that I had purchased through PC World in 2004 for the sum of £800.00.

You certainly may be wondering as to the date of purchase and to the length of time this matter has dragged on…this has been a frustrating time for me, and farcical in your response to my query, bordering on negligence.

Briefly, I had purchased a laptop from PC world which was faulty from the outset. After many, many months of telephone calls, speaking to various staff members from the Technical Department and having my laptop couriered to and fro on 2 occasions, Acer admitted that the laptop was indeed faulty from the factory line… this after examination of the product itself. In the meantime I had also lost two days of lost wages due to the incompetence of City Link, your couriers not turning up on the days to pick up the laptop.

After I had threatened legal action, Acer agreed to replace my laptop for a new one, this in accordance with signing an agreement with Acer that I would not pursue an action and that I would waver the days lost out of work claim. I signed and returned the agreement and waited and waited and waited.

This item never arrived and I was forced to chase Acer once again, starting from scratch and forwarding a copy of the agreement letter etc., Acer, it appears, did not have much information regarding my case (more to the point they were making it difficult for me). . I managed to get a hold of Angela Foster & Melanie Knight who seemed at first kind enough to go through my details with me as it appeared that most of my details and calls records mysteriously disappeared.

To compound matters, and without my knowledge, the company couriered a 2nd hand model with lesser specs and from my guesstimate, a 3 year old model which must value at £200. I immediately emailed Angela for an explanation, only to be fobbed off with excuse after excuse and blank silences and what seemed like "cut and paste" responses from the company warranty which made neither sense nor relevance to my case whatsoever.

I feel comprehensively let down by the company, in the knowledge that for the £800, I have a 2nd hand item to show for it, an item which I cannot use even for its lower specs.

Under the sales good act Acer are duty bound by duty of care to provide and if, necessary, to replace the item for a like for like laptop and not 2nd hand item as you have done. This is merely accepting that after nearly two years of constant, and persistence resistance, you are merely stating to me that the £800 I had paid for my laptop was worth no more than £200. Furthermore, I can log many, many months of telephone calls and duplicitous actions of most of your staff concerning my case.

You reneged on the signed agreement and as a result, this after consulting the Office of Fair Trading and the Trading Standards, I will give you 7 days to either replace this 2nd item for a new laptop or return my original laptop (the 2nd item you have sent is a ramshackle item built of other parts)…failing these requests I will seek a county court judgement in which I shall enforce through the court that you pay for all legal costs and additional costs such as lost days from work.

Yours sincerely


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  • Ch
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    I sympathize with you. I too purchased a laptop from Acer that had problems after only 8 months. I returned it and they fixed it quickly, returning it to me. Three days later same problem begins again. I again return it to them in Texas.

    This time I recieved a phone call stating it had been physically damaged and for the low price of $459 they would be happy to fix it. This was dropped to $250. LOL I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but to no avail. I do not think that the customers complaints ever get past their Customer Complaint Representatives.

    These people and this company are highly unprofessional and I would urge people to avoid purchasing their product. The price is good and it seems like a good deal..but if the cumputer malfunctions they do not appear to back up the warranty. In a 1-10 rating of their service department 1 being poor and 10 being great they wouldn't even rate a 1.

  • Ma
      4th of Jun, 2018
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    @Charles Laramie My Acer laptop charger port lasted 10 months, spent $25 to send it back for warranty repair. Received it back in just a few days. Worked fine for 6 months and now same problem. I will never buy another Acer product.

  • Ad
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    Acer - sent away to be fixed and came back damaged.
    United States

    I now know never to have anything to do with acer ever again. My laptop has been sent back to you today because of the damages that your company has done to it. I have been told that it will only be fixed to the best of your ability whereas i think and as you know that as you are the ones that damaged it, it should be replaced not fixed. I expect it back with full warranty starting from the day that it was returned and if it doesnt come back unmarked and undamaged and packed correctly, i will be taking legal action and posting photos and warnings all over the internet. I will also be printing out flyers and placing them in letterboxes all over the place.
    I want it returned by Wednesday 2nd April at the latest.

    P.S. The Acer company in my opinion and soon to be others, is a god damn joke and should be put out of business.

  • Ac
      29th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Acer is a POS company. Their customer service sucks big time and their reps. are the most idiotic reps, bar none.

  • Ba
      4th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dipak. I am sorry to hear of the problems you have had. I must say that my experience of Acer repair service is quite the reverse- I returned my laptop to them and they repaired it by return and it works beautifully again. I was sure that it would never be the same again or that all my data would be lost. I was only without the laptop for three days!

  • Cd
      10th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Did acer ever replace the laptop? Many months have passed since her /his post. I have found most companies have both good & bad reports from companies. My wife was trying to purchase an ACER from but due to their incompetence, her order did not get processed and by the time customer service was "open"...the laptop was sold out and they can only apologize (the folks at Customer service were very sympathetic and polite but could or would, not help obtain her one), seems beyond their ability to call their "vendor" and obtain 1 more computer. Once upon a time, if a customer was "hurt" through your companies employee's mistakes...they would go out of their way to obtain satisfaction for that customer. Times have indeed changed. The laptop in question was an ACER "gemstone" Intel core duo 1.83 GHZ, 320 GB HD, 3GB ram, had true HD 1080p display 16" screen and a Blue Ray disk player, DVD-RW burner and was 1, 699 on sale for $1, 399. GREAT PRICE for the parts, we must now wait for it to be re-offered or hope we "dodged a bullet" if this turns out to be a lemon puter.

  • Ah
      15th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    l purchased a lap top from empire stores l have had nothing but bother with it l tried phoning the help ling and tried to tell them l could not regret it the no on the lap top was invalid and l can not get into any of the programs as it keep on asking for this no comes up every time not valid it keeps on crashing on me half the key will not work on it l just do not no what to do l paid 599.99 pounds l have had ton write pounds as it will not work on the sign l get this shift and the # shift and the @l have to put shift ans no2 if l do it the other way l get this " but as l said the person on the line said to get enough with who l bought it and slammed the phone down on me l am hard at hearing and this is the only way l can stay in touch with my family and friends l only got as my other box was old so they said and could not get X P on it but this is so bad it was purchased on the5/11/07 l don't no what to do or were to start as l am so fed up with it, all the CD rams have put in but it will not let me print off my printers, l do not get out much now the computer was a life line, l would not advice any one to bye an ACER laptop or computer as my daughter bought a one from P C World and had nothing but bother,

  • Cr
      24th of May, 2008
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    Acer - Poor customer service
    United Kingdom

    I bought an Acer C530 PDA in January. The unit never worked as it kept losing power. I returned under warranty and all Acer did was replace the battery, which did not solve the problem. I returned it again and this time they actually realized there was a major problem and replaced the mainboard. BUT they replaced the touch screen incorrectly so that not all was visible/accessible, effectively making it unusable. I tried to complain to Acer but they would not even apologies and were downright rude and have twice put the phone down on me. I emailed their escalations department to try and get further action but they just replied with a stock response pointing out their terms and conditions and not accepting how badly they have messed me around. They really do not have a clue about customer support and are the worst company I have ever had to deal with, they have made me so angry and frustrated. They are not to be recommended to anyone.

  • Mu
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    I have purchase a acer travelmate 3240 in july 2007. Four days before I was working on it suddenly this laptop was switch off and i try to switch on but it never be done.
    I send this to your customer service agent in Pakistan and they told me they will take more than two week to repair it.
    Is acer has no capable after sales service agent in Pakistan or is acer policey to creates problems to its cleints or customer. why your service agent take too much time.

    Hope you can understand my problem.

    Waiting for your prompt reply

  • Ja
      29th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I bought an Acer ferrary a little more then a year ago, I last the OS disc, so the laptop drive crashed once and I order a set of recovery discs from Acer, they sent me Norton ghost image instead of OS or an OEM disc and got charged.
    the ghost image disc worked once but again had the same problem which laptop won't boot normally and it complains about missing system 32 file which only can be find on original disc, I called Acer technical support department several times, wasted my time and put lots of charges on my cellphone bill, even sent tones of email but didn't get any results.
    Acer computers and customer support department really sucks, they don't have enough knowledge about computers. they just playing people around.
    Never buy from them again and I hope they go to hell.

  • Jo
      29th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    i recently purchased one of acers new 8930 "hotrod" 18.4" screen laptops. it worked great for the first 6 days. one evening i turned it off, went to bed, got up the next morning, went to turn it on and nothing...the laptop was dead. this is supposed to be there new top of the line model with all the highest specs. i called there 1-800 number, and explained the problem to there 'tech". he instantly told me "it sounds like to you one of the ones with the cracked mother board"..i said "WHAT? guys shipped laptops KNOWING they had cracked motherboards?...he then renigged on his previous statment and told me, "no, i said it SOUNDED like you had a cracked motherboard" (which isnt what he said, i had him on spoeakerphone and 3 other people heard what he said)..he gave me a service id and told me to return the laptop...that wasnt good enough as he told me 6 weeks to repair it

    i contacted acer, and started with getting nothing but a run around. first off, they tell me that its going to take as much as 6 weeks to repair the laptop and requested i ship it to temple texas (on MY dime of course). i felt that 6 weeks is an unacceptable, so i called acers corporate office. talk about one big crock of ###. i asked the receptionist to speak to a manager, and she instantly transfered me to there "customer service". i hung up and called back, and was again transfered to there customer service department. i again hung up. im the sort of gu who feels that, if theres a problem that the managment of a company should be available to adress it, so i again called back and spoke to the receptionist who informed me that acers managment had made a rule sometime ago that they would and do not talk to customers, period. this really pissed me off so i told the receptionist i would call back continually until i got someone to help me, even if that ment spending the entire day doing so, and tieing up ther switchboard. i guess she though i was joking, but we got 3 telephones and started calling. sdoon as the receptionst would answer, we would ask to speak to a manager, and when she either denied us or transfered us to customer care (isnt that a joke) we would hang up and call right back. i finally got a senior corporate customer care rep on the phone.i explained to her what had happened with the laptop, and she said no problem. she told me if i could get the unit to them, she would expedite the repairs by calling the repair department manager and having the unit pulled and repaired right away, and have it overnighted fedex back to me...ok, i sent the unit to them on monday via overnight usps, signature required and insured. they finally took possession of it yesterday, 5 days AFTER it was sent. i tried to call acers corporate office back on friday, and it seems they decided to take a 4 day weekend. rest assured i will be on the phone first thing monday morning with them.

    right now, im up in the air about acer .im actually typing this on my other laptop, also an acer i bought 4 years ago, and have yet to have an issue with.

    rest assured, i will keep everyone updated on the progress of my repair and return shipping, and how everything went when i get the unit back from them.

  • Gu
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Acer - Bad service
    United States

    I would NOT recommend Acer products. Purchased the laptop in December 2007 as a christmas gift. So far it has been sent back twice - once to have the motherboard replaced and the 2nd time because of screen issues - the screen goes completely blank. Acer never fixed the screen issue and now claims it's out of warranty so they won't replace or repair it - even with the many documented issues I have on record with them. Poor products and even poorer service.

  • Mi
      20th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I thought I was getting a good deal when I seen the price for the acer aspire laptop for around $500 but little did I know the headaches that were soon to follow.
    my hard drive went out only 2 months after purchasing the laptop, so I shipped it to acer(which I had to pay for), they replaced it but I lost everything. 1 year later, it went out was no longer under warranty and I lost everything again, a whole years worth of family photos, expensive programs EVERYTHING just gone. I recently bought a new hard drive for $60 from Comp USA ( which is the 3rd hard drive if you count the one that came with the pos) & now have to send acer MORE money for the restoration disk..that doesn't include the one for the cd burner, that's separate and even more money so I decided not to and bought a new computer. It was the more expensive route sure, but not in the long run assuming my hard drive will just go out again in no time. Please don't waste your money on the acer aspire laptop battery for it had also gone out when it was still working so I had to keep it plugged in all the time, which kinda defeats the purpose of it being a LAPTOP don't you think? I'm boycotting this company for sure.

  • Pe
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    Acer - Casback problems
    New Zealand

    Purchased an Acer Extensa 5620 laptop with a $99 cashback from Dick Smith in Dunedin, New Zealand, last September. I have just received a cheque for the cashback after five months. During that time I have been subjected to a complex series of apparent delaying tactics, the latest of which was that my cashback had been cancelled because I had now elected to accept an extended warranty. This was, of course, nonsense. I am intelligent cautious person, and I followed Acer's cashback instructions to the letter. I kept copies of everything, including my communications with the company which were only in writing. I have formed the clear impression that Acer intentionally creates obstacles in the claiming of cashbacks, and that, while this may not technically be fraudulent, it is nevertheless a nefarious business practice. In terms of my own experience I recommend that nobody buys any product from Acer and checks out any cashback offer made by any other company before they purchase.
    Peter Bradshaw

  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also bought a new acer laptop in May 2008, it worked only for 6 months. Fisrt, the hinge of the cover broke off, then the screen went blank. I paid around $600 for it. Thinking back, I regret my purchase. I should have done enough research on acer, where it is made, how it's made etc. I will never buy another acer product ever again in my life, and I would ask all potential buyers to keep away from it.

  • Am
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have purchased acer6930 laptop last three months before(4/1/2009) till now i didnt get SpecialFestiveOffer 5056 (nikons coolpix digital camera).they ave promised to delivered the gift with in 45 days . now it is more than 3 months .when i contact acer india they are not responding . and sometimes they promise that dispatch the gift with in three days or with in week . i have called 20 times . I informed them that i will go to office and collect gift .they are not agree for that...


    Amrendra Kumar

  • Sa
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    I am myself a sufferrer of Acer Laptop (5738Z), which i got it from Saudi Arabia last month. after starting the laptop there was no OS installed, no sound in the speaker. headfone used to work. one fine day the sound worked but for few hours. latest, yesterday i found a black round shade on the screen with a light within, no scratch nothing absolutely. isnt that amazing. God sake please Acer techs help me out of this as now i am repenting for opting Acer laptop.
    Sajid Khan 9821255882

  • Ac
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Acer Service is an oxymoron-There "just ain't none."
    The second row of keys on my Aspire One notebook keypad stopped working.
    It's been one thing after another. Wireles connectivity
    problems, rubber footpads falling off, speakers failing to engage. The outer case and inner screen bezel is a fingerprint magnet which I can't stand. (Yes, the copper colour is fetching but you can't live just on looks alone).
    Long and short I paid postage to their Temple, Texas service center. When I got the unit back NOW ALL THE TOUCH KEYS DON'T WORK. These people are either
    sadists or incompetent, and in either case I've LEARNED MY LESSON. BUY an American or quality European

  • Mo
      24th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same broken hinge problem on not one, but two acers that we own. both with extended warranty. They fixed the first under warranty- no charge; the second one- the want at least 199. to repair. I told them it has warranty, they said fee is 199. I spoke with supervisor, he said ship back- have it packed by shipping company, and if "broken" then I could hold the shipping company responsible for the repair. Dishonest CSR and disreputable company for not standing behind their product !! I'll just keep the laptop in the open position and save 199.00 for a laptop without the acer name

  • Ko
      16th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am Mr.Ravi kanth from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh . Purchased the acer laptop 5738z for my dad who, i gifted for retirement life.. after 3 days the display had problem ! i had to got a good response form the Costumer support by telephonic but the problem was not solved when i took it for service they told me the display was having problem & they promised to change it as it covers warranty.. Now what i should have in my mind DO I am lucky that the prob came soon & getting solved b the warranty r worry that the prob will arise after one year ...

    I think the brand is getting too competitive & leaving back the quality checks before coming in to market ... There should be a piece to piece replace meant for those manufacture failures... Its buyers fate !

  • Mo
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Disgusting Services by ACER...

    Dear ALl,

    This is to share my Personal Experience about that ACER's Customer Care, and and want to say that its services SUCKS all the consumers. It has been around a month that i purchased a new ACER ASPIRE 5738, and finding that it is not shipped with Vista X64 applications and drivers, complained about it.
    Since then till now, i had tried complaining/ contacting you via all the means provided by you, but even this simple driver and application problem can not be solved by your support center...

    i am sorry to say that a company that doesn't cares about its customers, and is so obsessed by its products (as can be seen from all your websites which talk only og the machines and not the human experience out of it), ACER is sure to be doomed.

    I am saying this not only as an unfortunate buyer of your product, but as an MBA- MArketing, and as an avid technology user/ reviewer/ blogger.

    best regards,
    Mohit Sewak,
    +91-99 62 55 3898

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