Acento Media / Job Scam - Even the website is FAKE

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I replied to an ad on craigslist for employment got the following letter (errors & all):

Thank you for y ou r interest in the po s it i o n at our firm.
As a recently founded and rapidly gr ow in g marketing f ir m,
we hope to foster a fun yet efficient environment for ou r new
em pl oy e e s. U nl ik e other companies, we believe an easygoing
and friendly at mo sp he r e is fa c il i ta ti ve to quality and ac tu a ll y
increases productivity.

To be considered, candidates must possess strong
c om mu n i ca t io n/interpersonal skills, the ability to in te ra c t with
p e op l e at all levels of the firm, and ex c el l e n t or ga n iz a ti o n a l skills.

C an di da t e s must be se l f s t ar t er s a nd be able to undertake
responsibilities with limited su pe r v is i o n. They m u st also be ab l e to
multi-task, and have a working knowledge of MS Office.
Familiarity with other types of software is a pl u s.

Our policy is t o grow an d maintain a long la st i ng an d mu tu a l ly
beneficial business relationship with our employees. In keeping
with t h a t standard, our firm offers a c om p re h en s iv e benefits
package that is second to n o n e. I n ad d it io n, we pay o u r
employees higher than a n y competitor in this industry.

C om pe ns at io n will be further discussed during th e interview
process, after re vi ew in g candidate applications.

Please take a few moments to fill ou t our online ap pl i c a t io n
by pressing on the li n k below.

Job Application L in k: Apply Here <>

Thank you,
Recruitment Adviser
HR Staffing Department

According to craigslist: If you are able to determine a scammer's "affiliate ID" and report it to their affiliate marketing program, this will often result in termination of the scammer, and confiscation of the scammer's ill-gotten gains by the affiliate program.

Event the website for this one is bogus. Check out their Contact US e-mail address [protected] ????

And all this just to get your information. Wish there were a way to get even with these people even if it were just for wasting my time

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  • Pr
      Sep 03, 2010

    I had the same, word for word response email from a job post from Craigslist. LaCrosse, WI. What a waste of time, I need s REAL job.

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  • Ec
      Sep 07, 2010

    I Googled the name of the woman who replied to me, Cynthia Busick. She appears to have a professional resume posted online at Within her resume is her current position as a Data Technician for "National Government Services." However, there is no specific name listed as her employer, which has me curious.

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  • Li
      Sep 07, 2010

    I also applied for 2 different positions (Receptionist & Shipping/Order Dept Clerk) that were in Craigs List, Fresno, California. I found it odd that they came from 2 different females both with hotmail addresses. The letters were exactly the same with the exception of 1 sentence.
    I'm just glad I googled "Acento Media" before I filled out any application information.

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  • Di
      Sep 07, 2010

    I saw the add for the position of Receptionist/Admin. on Craiglist and emailed my resume. I received a response from a Leia Trotty with a hotmail address. Before clicking on the link for the online application I decided to first check out the company shown - Acento Media, on the internet and I came accross a post on Complaints Board that stated that this was a scam.
    I replied to the email as follows:Upon investigation of the company ACENTO MEDIA, I have decided not to follow your link to complete the application form. It appears that this ad in Craigslist is a scam and not a valid position. If I am incorrect would you kindly provide the location in Macomb where your company is located along with a contact telephone number for verification that this is a legitimate company.

    It is truly a shame that people mislead others that are seeking employment in these hard economic times. They should be ashamed of themselves. If I receive a reply back I will post it.

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  • Na
      Sep 09, 2010

    I responded via email, with my resume attached, to a job posting on craigslist for a Long-Term Care Logistics Coordinator in Baltimore, MD. I received a response and, in spite of it being odd, I clicked the link to complete the online questionnaire on Acento Media's website. I hesitantly began answering several generic questions, but my suspicions were confirmed when asked to take an "aptitude test" for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. It was then that I checked out Acento Media, and here I am! My email email response is identical, word-for-word, to that received by the complainant from Baton Rouge. It is sad, to say the least, that I am so desperate for a job that I almost fell prey to this scam. Now I'm worried because I shared my resume with them, which included my home address and phone number.

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  • Pa
      Sep 10, 2010

    On Sept. 8, 2010, I responded to a craigslist ad for a Bookkeeper/Data Entry - part-time (Athens, GA). The ad said all the right sounding things, like, "strong math skills", "QuickBooks or other financial software experience a plus". The ad showed compensation of "$15 - $20 per hour" (which is very good rate for part-time work in Athens, GA). So, I sent my resume. Later that morning, I received an email from Laree Marrapese ([protected] saying exactly the same thing that Bonnie Kleinpeter posted on Sept. 1, 2010 with the same Job Application Link she also mentioned. (It was my ignorance but I did not notice what website it took me to.) It took me through some pretty stupid questions and then started asking me to take aptitude tests for $9.99, then kept trying to get me to agree to a membership with some chat service - like 3 times and all 3 times I said no/stop. Then it was asking questions about continuing my career - that they could provide me with schools that met my expectations. Finally, I was able to get out. Later that same morning, I got a "Thank you for applying.. blah, blah, from "Michelle Williams, HR Staffing Manager, Acento Media". Right under this was "Acento Media copyrighted 2010. At the top was a logo that said Acento Media professional hiring. The website on this same page was given as "" - which I agree is fake because all I could find was some web design company at I never even got to the "Contact Us" part that Bonnie Kleinpeter saw. So, yes, Bonnie, and anyone else who has said the same - it is a scam and it is a fake website! Posted Sept. 10, 2010 by Pam McElroy

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  • Sn
      Sep 10, 2010

    I recently had the same company contact me. a couple of days previous to Acento Media I had another company contact me and also sent me to an application processes. I thought it was a bit strange, especially when they wanted my credit score information to be sent to them through a company that they were effiliated with or "bring my resume in to the interview". I tried to check the box that said that I already had my credit score and i did not check the box to go through their company to pay for my score, but the website would not let me. tired of these scamers. i wonder what they use the information for.

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  • Ac
      Sep 12, 2010

    Acentomedia is not associated with any job offering on Craig's List. Do not fall for this scam. We are a established bilingual media production company, for over 10 years. I'll contact the police on anyone who is using our company name and reputation to scam people. Check your facts before you post this kind of destructive information. Thanks!

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