Ace TranslatorTheating Emails

I downloaded the Ace Translator from a safe and legal web site for evaluation purposes to see if it was any good.I found it to be pretty much useless and based on Google Translate, so I deleted it.2 days later I got a threatening and abusive email, threatening to report me to the authorities for downloading a fraudulent program.I searched the internet for their company and came across this site which is great.After reading all the complaints, which are very similar to mine I have reported this company and its web-site to the relevant authorities and our local police station to log the complaint and obtain a log number.I see from reading the complaints on here they go back a few years, so my question is has anyone made a formal complaint to the authorities and if so what response did they get as he is trading and harassing people and hacking their computers.

Dec 15, 2014

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