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I called January 17, 2010. GE Money Bank/Pay Pal Accounts has been charging my account since 6-2008, $59.99 every month for Account Security (a partner to GE Money Bank) this was never authorized. I called the tel. number listed on statement #[protected]. Spoke with several agents several times. I explained that I've never authorized these charges and asked for some kind of proof and if there was no proof, I requested be refunded for the total amount. They stated that I couldn't speak with a supervisor, but the complaint will be send to the department. This will take about 5 days. I did not received a call nor did I was given any explanation..A refund for the full amount was credited to my account on [protected]. I was very fotunate that I received the refund, I did cancelled my PAY PAL account. I now wonder how many people troughtout the world continued to be RIP-OFF!!! Please pass this on. BBW

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      17th of Dec, 2008
    account security - charging account monthly
    acct security customer care
    United States

    Every end of the year I go to my account and I notice a deduction of acct security I call them and ask about it
    I never agree to this and ask yhem to reverse what was taken they refuse ( I talked to the person named Chris)
    asked if I can speak with the Supervisor, he refuse to give me the supervisor stating that his supervisor will not be able to
    reverse the charges . I told him I want this acct care cancelled, right away and hang up.

    Why would big companies like yours will sneak security to card holder? and then refused to acknowledge the mistake
    when caught?. I don't appreciate this. We are paying bills even in this hard days and economy and to sneak an
    extra payment is just wrong.
    I need an answer!!!

    Thank you

    Sincerely Yours,
    Lorna Willard

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  • Co
      27th of Mar, 2010

    I have the exact same situation with the paypal credit card, and the only reason i noticed it was they changed the statement look. I KNOW i never would get any account insurance. I will be calling on Monday and use your advice of prove it or refund. Thanks

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