Access World Talentscam scam scam!

Ab Dallas, TX Review updated:

Stayaway!! I am an smu college student. Money is very important to me. I was "scouted" by one of awt's "scout". They got me all excited basically lied to me about what they do. They charged me $100 to sigh up, and $25 a month..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXI cancelled my account with them over a year and a half ago, and they are still drafting $25 a month out of my account!! That may not be alot for some people, but for a college student, that alot!! On top of all that, should'nt the the owner of a modeling company actually look like a model? She's a 6ft tall overweight fat # that doesnt give a # about you at all.. She just wants your money!
Access world talent should be ceased and shut down. There needs to be an irs investigation or something!!
Stay away from access world talent!!

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  • Sm
      Sep 02, 2009

    Whoever you are, thank you for the warning! I just ran into someone asking me to consider modeling for them. I've heard that as rules of thumb:
    1) Be very protective of your information and give out something like a junk email account until trust is built
    2) As soon as an agency starts asking for money, RUN
    I hope that your situation works out. Have you considered closing out your bank account and opening a new one? You can also report this agency as fradulent to most banks and possibly block them from taking anymore of your money.

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  • Sa
      Nov 20, 2010

    I had a meeting with this agency today after I was scoutted while walking thru the Cherry Creek mall. It was a huge confidence builder and I felt excited to be scoutted. A couple of weeks later they called and asked to set up a meeting. I went into the office which I thought was a little subpar. I noticed that all the pics had "303" on them with some fairly nominal looking models. Still excited, I listened to Isis build up my ego telling me how much she liked my look and how versitile it was. She then pointed out 2 models that had actually made it pretty big from the agency--that was a plus.

    But then she got to the line I was waiting for...$125 start up fee and $25 a month. Thats when my wall went up! Nope Nope Nope. Of course I stayed pleasant and smiled as she explained all the things the money was for. At that point all I could think was "SCAM" in flashing red lights. I told her I would need more time to think about it. At that time she got very pushy and her attitude changed to a very ugly tone.

    I was proud of myself for walking out of that office with my pocket book and not giving out my $$$$.

    This place is a SCAM!

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  • Na
      Jan 14, 2011

    Read this too late & got scammed too! What a bummer! They made us believe there was a ton of work in Colorado - took our money - and then nothing! Never returned calls or emails - just completely blew us off! This company should seriously be looked into and shut down!

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  • Ay
      Mar 11, 2011

    I was approach too, at Park Meadows Mall. But, luckily, after my year long obsession with the Tyra Show, I knew something was fishy the moment she said "model". And and agency scouting at a shopping mall? Sounds rather desperate.

    The lady came up to me and asked me my height. She told me I'm beautiful and would be a great model. And yes, I know I'm beautiful, but come on, there's no way anyone's going to want a 5'6" teenager who just put on her freshman 15. I was skeptical, especially since there lady was very unprofessional and rather rude/pushy. However, I did not want to sound rude and gave her my phone number anyways. About a week later a received a phone call about setting up an appointment; I told the lady I changed my mind and she said ok and hung up rather rudely. It's been months since that happened and I only decided to research them now, and I'm very glad I didn't do it, thank you Tyra Banks!

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  • Ks
      May 29, 2011

    So I was signed with Access World Talent. I'm 5'11" and a size 2 but I've never known much about the modeling world so I gave it a shot. When I arrived they gave me this whole spiel about what they can do for me and how man models have succeeded. They told me I had to sign with them right then and there or I would lose that chance, so I did. $150 later I had an online portfolio with some poorly done snapshots they took right then and there and all of my stats. Three months later, I got a call for an audition, did an unpaid runway show and met an agency that was interested in me. Now that part sounds great, right? Well, what I didn't realize is that I should've gone straight to an agency. The only reason BBB approves of AWT is because they may find you work, but your chances are slim with the 500 people that are on that website. Don't waste your time, just sign up with ModelMayhem, it's a free website that provides you with the same opportunities AWT does and allows you to do the work. AND IT'S FREE.

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