Accai Berry & Toatl Cleanser / Eztrim never refunded my money

1 CA, United States

I ordered the accai berry free trial on line & the total cleanse, & both said free trial, & there wa nothing else stated on the when I ordered except that I will only pay shipping & handling, first I was charged $29 somthing for the total cleansing which I found their toll free number in my bank statement & called them, I was so made he tried to convince me that I had to cancell before 7 days or they will send me a bottle for $29.00, I told them that there was nothing like this when I paid the shipping, luckilly they refunded tghe money to my bank but unfortuantly, the bank charged me an overdraft of $28.00 as I didn't know that I was going to be charged this amount, & i never received anything untill 7 more days which I already paid for the shipping & handling previousley, then within those 7 days I found my bank charged another $89.31 by Eztrim, which I still never received, I called the number in may bank statment, they told me the same thing as the other people, & I told them that I never recieved anyhting & don't ship it, so they insisted that I have to reship it to them when I receive it & call them to provide them with the tracking # so that they can refund me, a they already shipped it & they can't do anything now, so after another 7 days I received the order & shipped back on my own expensses, & I've been waiting fr that refund for a month now, & every week I call them they tell me a different story, & when I ask to talk to a supervisor, they tell me a different story also every time, & by the way my bank also charged me another overdraft for this amount another $28.00, & i'm not working now, my bank is asking to cover my negative account, I can't afford to apy thew bank this money & they will forward the account to collection.


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