Acapulco Airport / Theft From Luggage

Rochdale, England, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Travelling from a P&O Cruise on Oceana I had 2 pieces of airplane hold baggage held in security at Acapluco, 2 other families also had 2 pieces of baggage each, all had been interfered with and some with articles stolen. 2 cases had locks removed and one had the front pocket opened and slit with a knife to remove items from the main internal compartment. This could have been a terrorist inserting an item after clearing shipboard security in a bonded vehicle to the airport. Airport security is non-existant, anyone at the airport can go into baggage after it arrives - with no security cameras in operation or security personnel monitoring the baggage handling when packing into Boeing 767 aircraft baggage containers, or monitoring the airside storage areas in hours of darkness.

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