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AcaiX3 and NatraPure / credit card charges

1 CA, United States

These two products are being touted TOGETHER as a perfect combination for weight loss. They are only a perfects combination for getting scammed out of a minimum of $200 - if you act quickly and report them to your bank or credit card company before they get their next outrageous charge in.
People! This is a TYPICAL internet scam. I did not fall for it, because I have fallen for it before and NOW i make it a point to do more research on ANY PRODUCT i consider buying on the internet. If you google "scam + the name of the product you are looking for" you will get info like that here. But, the most important thing is... if they offer you a FREE something and then ask for your credit card info in order to send it to you, it is gonna hurt! REMEMBER to scroll all they way down to see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that they have footnoted with an astrisk! You will ALWAYS find some rediculously short trial period for your FREE sample and then their divulgence of the TRUE PRICE that they will charge your credit card if you dont cancel with the aloted time. U will NOT recieve your sample before the aloted FREE TRIAL time is up... and most of the time, you will never recieve your FREE product at all.
Both AcaiX3 and NatraPure, contain these "hidden" terms that most people dont scroll far enough down to see. AcaiX3 tells you that they will bill your credit card $88.50 if you dont cancel within 10 days of ORDERING your FREE sample. NatraPure tells you that they will bill your credit card the "discount price" of $99.21 if you dont call to tell them that you are dissatisfied, within 10 days AND they will continue to send you a new bottle EVERY MONTH and charge your card another $99.21 each time they send you a new bottle.
I felt like an IDIOT when this happened to me with another product online... I am wiser now, and you should be too. Just trying to help keep people from supporting these scam artists!


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