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Acaipure / Colon Xr / scam

1 NC, United States Review updated:

Oprah and others are touting these products.Yet, when you order on line, they don't send the product in a timely manner and start charging you credit card additional charges that are in the fine print. I think these are scam companies because all of the websites they offer and 800 numbers don't work!
The phone number I got thru my credit card company for this product was [protected]. The company name is Finished point Marketing. is the same company. They are a scam! So far, I have been unable to contact any of them! And they have my credit card number!

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  • Sa
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    COLON XR is a SCAM!!!
    You probably ordered the "Free Trial" thinking that it would only cost you the $5 shipping cost, and then if you didn't like it that was that. WRONG! In the very extraordinarily fine print at the bottom of the webpage it says that if you oder the "free trial", and don't cancel within 30 days, which is impossible to do by the way (read on to find out why), they will start charging you about $80 a month for their product; which IS NOT FDA APPROVED by the way.

    At the bottom of the ColonXR webpage there's a link that says "Refunds and Exchanges". In that document it said to cancel (which they say you can do "at any time") you must call 1-888-820- COLON... does anything seem wrong with that phone number to you? Like maybe the fact that it has too many digets? An invalid phone number is going to make it rather difficult to call and cancel. They also that to obtain a refund you need to call for a confirmation number to send in along with the returned product. But since you have to call to get that number I guess you won't be getting any refunds either. *I would also like to add that this is what the link said about a week ago, but when I tried to click on that same link today it said that the "webpage cannot be found". That just goes to prove my point about just how un-legit this website is.

    Right about now you're probably asking yourself: "WHAT SHOULD I DO?"
    Well for one, if you haven't submitted your order yet I highly recomend NOT submitting it. But if you were one of the unlucky people who already have ordered this product then there's only so much you can do. First off, I recomend calling the bank and CANCELING YOUR CREDIT CARD (they have your number, so what makes you think they won't use it?)

    The bottom line is, when buying ANYTHING online you need to be smart. Do some research first to make sure you're not falling for some big joke. And if you really feel the need to call and complain to someone about ColonXR, I just so happened to find the ###'s real phone number on

    129 NW 13TH ST
    BOCA RATON, FL 33432
    TEL: 561-939-6601

  • Pa
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    I agree. I did order the free trial offer and did not receive the product in time. I noticed the bogus phone number as well. I finally recieved the product and sent it back without opening (Refused). I have confirmation that it was returned. I think I will go and cancel my charge card just so they cannot bill me if they try.

  • Sa
      13th of May, 2009
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    I have tried to return my unopened bottle of Colon xR and got on their official website for an address but was unable to obtain one. I contacted them via e-mail and they obviously did not read my request for an address, because the e-mail stated they had read my request and had to do further research???? Anyway does anyone know where to return the bottle? I need an address.

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