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AcaiPure/Central Coast Nutraceuticals / AcaiPure Consumer Fraud

1 111 Tanglewood DrHattiesburg, MS, United States Review updated:

BEWARE when checking out to purchase AcaiPure you will not notice that PRESELECTED for you is 2 other Hoodia products. The 1st thing you will notice is an unexpected total but you can't go back and UNSELECT the 2 unwanted products. You cant cancell the order. You will find you paid before payment due and so you are stuck. Once the product arrives you find they will not take it back without a RMA number. However the 1888 customer service number provided is also a scam. I tried 3 times to call to get the RMA number and each time was told I'd have over a 50 min. wait!!! I am unable to find the on line customer service support site to see if I can get the RMA number. Hey! why don't WE ALL call that [protected] number and HANG ON. The call is toll free for us and mabie their phone bill will be so high they will find it to costly to cheat the public!!!

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      12th of Nov, 2008
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    While "support's" claim above that the terms and conditions are there, and that it is possible to cancel, it is not at all clear and simple, and the average person can be easily mislead. Further, the claim that it is "Risk Free" is a blatant lie, since once someone signs up and gives their credit card #, they will be charged! There is no risk free element, and the basic operation of this company, under its many names and hiding places, is to elicit and encourage this risk, since they count on and use the trusting nature of the average American to take their money. Furthermore, a case can be made that drinking grape juice or pomegranate juice, or even wine, is more beneficial.

    However, my personal experience is as follows. My wife signed up for this. I hope by now I've finally convinced her that there simply is no "Risk Free" offer or Free anything. But she signed up for this on October 8th. On October 8th, a charge of $4.95 appears on my credit card, which I don't find out about until the Acaipure arrives, on October 18th. On that day, I check my CC, find the charge, verify the details with my wife, and immediately call to cancel. The cancellation is taken without complaint, and I am given a cancellation number. I ask, emphatically, three times, will there be any further charges on my CC, or is this $4.95 the last and only charge that will be made, and I am told, "Yes." Three times, and each time the response is "Yes", there will be no more charges. I ask, is there anything else that I need to do? The response is "No.", your account is cancelled.

    I considered at that time also canceling my CC too, just to be on the safe side, but I foolishly decided to trust "Erin", if that was indeed the person's name. You can of course guess what happened next.

    Legally, I don't know what ground we stand on in a case like this. Clearly, I was LIED to when I canceled this, but the "Terms" are designed to cover their backside. We'll just have to see where the CC company decides to fall on this one. If it was my Discover Card, I am certain they would side with me, since there practices on these matters has always been one of superior customer support, and I am the customer. Other CC companies, this current one included, often seems to side with the other side, somehow assuming that we are not the customers that should be supported, but rather the ripoff companies are.

    I dispute "Support's" above contentions completely. This company does not operate from anything but a design to deceive, mislead, procrastinate, and when necessary, blatantly lie, all while trying to stay just a hair's width inside the law.

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      24th of Sep, 2009
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    If there are any questions regarding Trial offers, membership enrollment, or returns with iLife Health and Wellness products, we recommend contacting the Customer Care Department either by phone (888-692-8352) or through our Customer Assistance Website ( If you call, there is rarely a hold time, and if you e-mail don’t forget to check your spam e-mail box for the response. The Customer Care Department is available to help you Monday – Friday: 5am – 6pm Mountain Std. Time.
    Here is an example of the terms and conditions, taken directly from the AcaiPure order page.

    “Your ten day trial begins approximately four days after you place your initial order. Most orders are received within four days. If you do not receive your order within the four day shipping period please contact customer care and we will be happy to extend your trial period. If you are not satisfied with AcaiPure for any reason just return the unused portion anytime before the end of the ten day trial period and you will have no further obligation. If you are happy with the product do nothing and your credit card will be charged an additional $39.95 approximately fourteen days after the initial trial shipment. In addition, approximately thirty days after you order your risk-free trial and about every thirty days thereafter, we will automatically send you an additional 1 month supply. The credit card you provide today will be billed the low price of $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping & handling for a total of $44.90 when each new product ships. That's 20% off the regular price for a 1-month supply. You may cancel your membership to AcaiPure during the trial period or any time thereafter by simply calling our Customer Care department at 1-888-572-6945 or by using our contact form at Remember, most customers see noticeable results by using AcaiPure consistently for three months. If you are not fully satisfied with future shipments you may return any unopened bottles within thirty days of receipt for a full refund less the shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Please read full Terms and Conditions for complete details of this offer.”

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