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Acaiburn/ Trislim/ Coloncureus/ Healthmember / all 4 companies working together to empty your wallet

1 IL, United States Review updated:

They get you to try there products a 14 day trial and before the trail period ends they have already billed you once they have shipped. These companies are the following: Acaiburn- [protected], Trislim- [protected], Coloncureus-[protected] and Healthmember-[protected]. I will have to say the Acaiburn did refund me 58.76 it was billed to my credit card but they charged me a 2% transaction fee of $1.18. Trislim 77.55 billed but 69.79 was refunded and Coloncures 88.55 billed but 76.69 was refunded. Not only that a $ 3.24 was billed thru these companies along with another 2% transaction fee of 6 cents. I tried the products for 2 days when I got my statement with all of these charges I called and canceled before my14 days were up, everything except the Healthmember only because I did not know about that until the next month. It cost me $ 7.14 a non refundable fee. It is ridiculous that these companies can get away with all of these bogus charges. Learned a valuable lesson mother was right if it sounds 2 good its no damn good.

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  • Ne
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    Hi, I work in the chargeback's department of a bank in Ireland. These scam companies are truly gangsters! Here is my inside advice. Send a cancellation e-mail to ALL of the named companies. They are the same company but we treat companies by name rather than origination. Don't be under the impression that cancelling your card will stop the direct debits. It won't!
    We go by the date of the cancellation e-mail date. So we have the right to chargeback if you have tried to cancel. These are VISA and MASTERCARD rules. This may go on for a long time and it's up to you to keep an eye on your credit card transactions. The bank is not equiped to keep an eye on every little transaction. If the cardholder has tried to cancel you have much more rights!

    To day sleeper: It's your credit card. just because you have one it did not mean you signed up for a PA as well.

  • Fi
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    I too have been a victim of these scamsters... I cancelled the acaiburn products when I received about 5 bottles of the stuff in the post so I sent it back my return mail - they refunded the £35 but I am still being debited about £7 neach month. I contacted Lloyds TSB and they have put a stop to all the payments and as I had returned the acai burn this counts as cancellation therefore I will be refunded the money from the date I sent the stuff back. They have also advised me that they will no longer be able to take the money from my account from now on.

  • Di
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    Best thing to do is cancel your c/card and get a new one. That way they can't take any more money from you. If you don't and you don't cancel with ALL the bogus companies taking out of your account, you WILL continue to get stolen from.
    Cancelling with all the other companies is impossible, I tried, I was given wrong numbers time and again. Even if you do get to cancel with them all, there is no certainty they won't use another company to withdraw your money.

    If you do manage to read a copy of the terms and conditions, there is a clause in it that says they reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without informing you. I.e. letting other 'companies' have your c/card details.

    I can't stress enough, close your c/card and get a new one. Fully inform your bank of what has happened and hopefully they can recoup funds for you. At the very least, Dazzlewhite and its many guises will not be able to extort another penny from you.

  • Mi
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    all the numbers are disconnected for colurus how else can i get this fixed

  • Dy
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    The more i read about these scams the angrier i get. First advice is if you have used your credit card to purchase any of these free trial offers. Call whoever and cancel, following that cancel your credit card report it lost or stolen anything to get a NEW card number. I say this because even after i cancelled within 24 hours of ordering, over a succession of 3 months lots of different companies started taking money from my credit card small amounts $14.00 (GB £7.49) some sometimes twice in a month, i would have to search the net to find out who the Hell they were. Most of the time it meant contacting USA on a toll free number which does not apply if you’re calling from outside the USA. Now like i said if you think you have cancelled you won't know who else to contact until they have taken money out of your account.

    Shalyn R you can go and do one, if you want to be helpful to us instead of sending a pre-written generic e-mail which speaks of no refunds just admit it is a scam!

    If anyone outside the US has been able get a full refund please let us know! People please report the Trading standards

    It's only a matter of time before the authorities find about about this scam and WE don't PLAY in the UK!

  • Da
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    OK so I have just been charged like many of the others on this board

    if you are from the the UK like me

    here are the numbers you need to call- its best to call via SKYPE since it is free, also keep a note of the date you called and the cancellation numbers they give you

    ACAIBURN 1 800 659-3588

    INSIDER SECRETS 18664073685 also may show up as VH ACCESS or worldclubfitness on your statement heres an alternative number to call 1-888-332-2707

    EBOOK 18664176059 this may show up as
    HEALTHMEMBER on your statement, it is also known as weightloss resources a
    here is an alternative number to call 1888-779-5303

    You may also see these companies appear on your statement

    My fitbalancer this company is also know as My Diet partner
    call this number 1-866-779-0323 to cancel or mail below (I just called)
    [email protected]

    once you have cancelled you should get an email from the company keep these, as you can pass these onto your credit card company- but you must cancel all the above memberships otherwise the credit card company have to pay them.. my credit card company are useless I have had to chase up all these companies myself

    hope this helps

  • Ja
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    I quite agree - what a scam! I cancelled my order within the 14 days as was charged £36 which I queried as the first 14 days are supposed to be free - therefore if they were going to charge for anything, it should have only been for half the cost. I just could not get the telephone operator to understand what I was saying. I'm a UK customer, so have also had the cost of phoning the USA to find out what the charges were for (not obvious company names) - a really good scam. Jane Snook, Minety, UK

  • Dy
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    Yes i have been scammed by these companies acaiburn, acai Berry, and several weight loss programmes i had no idea about. I managed to canel the so called Free trails immediately then later dicovered other companies which i never heard of taking money from my account. I called my bank to do something but they told me that i had some how agreed to their terms and coditions.

    Toady i have just found another one from 2 companies 1 called and 2 healthmember this is months after every thing was cancelled. I have managed to contact Healthmember today who have closed down the so called account i knew nothing about. But i haven't managed to get hold of this fitwatcher. I have called my bank and have reported my card as lost and have requested i suspect fruadulant activity on my account and want a brand new card and new card number. This seems to be the simplest solution to a complicated scamm. At leat i can rest knowing that no more unauthorised companies can take money from that card number.

    UK users please be aware that their have been changes made to british banks i.e Halifax taking effect as from 1910/09

    as follows:

    We have amended the heading for section 8 to read: 'Making and stopping payments' and the following conditions have been added to describe how you can make and stop payments: 8.2 The authorisation of a transaction can include authorising any single transaction, a series of recurring transactions (including transactions for an indefinite period) or pre-authorising a future transaction of a certain or uncertain amount. A transaction will be regarded as authorised by you or an additional cardholder where you or an additional cardholder:

    • authorise the transaction at the point of sale by following whatever instructions are provided by the merchant to authorise the transaction, which may include: entering a pin or providing any other security code; or signing a sales voucher

    On a light note, i can say that i have lost several pounds using these diet products...not pounds in weight about £100 in beware!

    Dyfusion London UK

  • Ol
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Hi there

    There is no fool like an old fool. And I mean me!
    I ordered the "free trial" of colon cleanse ect. It is not free. first they charge you for postage from an Industrial estate in England to an address in England. plus oversees transaction fee cost £12.00 approx. Then I got charged about £50.00. The company that took that money is a different one that took the £12.00.
    I cancelled my bank card which is a drag but I feel is the only way to stop them. I also got charged for being overdrawn!!
    The bitter pills I have had to swallow cost about £1.00 each, cheaper and less hassle to go to the health shop.
    I feel so angry about this that I want to see how I can help others to avoid this trap. The companies are not straightforward but crooked. They know very well what they are doing they are not stupid. They have a legal team. Try taking an Industrial Estate to the small claims court.

    An old fool

  • D0
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    heya all, i'm from australia, and i've been scammed with acai burn too. so much money has been taken out of my credit card. can any of you help me with what can i do to get my money back? i tried them and they dont even work at all during trial period and they kept on sending me bottles of them and charged my credit card unauthorised! could you please email me on [email protected] if you have the solution? thanks heaps! Dian.

  • Tx
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Contact the BBB, FTC and ATT General Office I got my money back from Acai Burn by threating them with all 3 of these and will never do business again over the net. They have all got a scam going with offers. Have learned a big lesson.

  • Cr
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Ok so you have to put 0011 then 1 then the 888 ************** number both vh access and healthmember have the exact same message on answering machine!!! to be linked!... or even the same company>>>>>...I think i got caught thru Dazzlewhite who must the send on info??... I got a refund from Dazzlewhite but never knew about these other things??? Healthmember and VH Access now the only way I can stop them is to cancell my credit card and get a new one!!!...that means changing all other accounts I have set up for payments and is just going to be a general pain in the Butt!!!...Lesson learnt no more samples etc. for me! if anyone has beat these mongrels can you email me and let me know yoursecret i would love to see bth these companys brought down big time???...wonder if A Current Affair or Today Tonight might be able to help???
    Cheers CRisty Hall
    [email protected]

  • Cr
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    This sucks big time!!!...I also had money taken out on the 24th of August for Healthmember and VH Access and don't even know who these companys are let alone applying for anything thru them!!! ...not happy about this situation and would love contact details on how to getin touch with them if anyone has any luck???
    I tried the phone numbers that showed up on my bill but surprise surprise they not connected!
    I don't thinki have put the right area codes in??

    If anyone knows what to do or who to contact please email me at [email protected] lets get these mongrels stopped and charged??
    Cheers and goodluck Cristy

  • Bl
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    don't bother with the live chat on the website

    They will only tell you to call the other places and deal with them.
    (avail 6am-7pm MST - Mon - Fri)
    World Club Fitness 866-407-3685
    Weight Loss Resources 866-417-6059

    I am really angry about this bull**** multiple tiered scamming!

  • Je
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    i just dealt with Healthmember and also got VH Access numbers to cancel these. WHAT A SCAM and these people you talk to think that they had every right to hide all these ATTACHED memberships in a free trial for another company.They only refund 50% of the charges too! I am just glad i watch my account on a daily basis and caught this before the charges really started to rack up! I have canceled my account that was linked to all these rediculious charges so just incase their are others waiting to take my money they will find NOTHING! Here are some numbers i have you can call Healthmember is 888-779-5303 and the VH Access was 1-888-332-2707. It seemed no one could help me with the INTL SERVICE FEE however, i believe i am going to have to contact my bank regarding those? Leason learned! Trust NO ONE, stay away from "Free Trials" and only buy from Brick and Mortar stores!!! At least then you know what your getting exactly, who took your money, and where to go if somethings wrong! Another note too DentTech Whitening company!!! You think all these other companies are pathetic DentTech won't even call you!! It's ALL unprofessional! Bunch of cowards I would say! Good luck to all, hope everyone finds some type of compansation.

  • Ta
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    like many on here have been scammed by this free trial deal of Pure Res.

    In last 3 weeks I have been charged by Nutritional supp NZ$88.23 = U$58.74 on 12th 22nd August.When I looked into this it led me to Acaiburn which I have never ordered but is connected to the same People who push Pure Res.

    I have also just today found I am being charged by healthmember NZ$10.24 =U$7.14 on 20 Aug and U $3.24 = NZ$4.80VH Access .

    I called the 888-948-5508 The Customer service rep I spoke to put me on hold after I told him I wanted to cancel, he took my name and last 6 numbers of my card put me on hold and then answered the phone again like I was a new equiry before catching himself and then gave me a reference number . When I asked if the VH ACCESS and HEALTHMEMBER charges were canceled also he said that Pure Res was all they handled and said I had to call them direct .BUT how when I don't have a contact or even know what or WHO they are! When I said i had read that that this was a SCAM he quick gave me a number 888-779-5303 which has gone straight to a message.

    Any further leads of how to catch these people and get my money back would be greatly appreciated!

  • Bi
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    I have been caught by the same crowd. This time it was a 'free' 14 day trial of Dazzle White a teeth whitening product. Once again I cancelled before the 14 days were up (day 8) but was told the 14 day trial was in fact the first months supply of the product. This was charged at $58.76 USD although in their "Satisfaction Guarantee" it reads "once you choose to continue with the product you will be billed the $58.76. I chose not to continue and was still billed for the product.
    The so called 'free' sample supposedly comes at a postage cost of $4.95 but for International mail to Australia there is an additional $9.95. This is another part of the sting as the package arrives with a NSW postmark so I assume they have a warehouse in Australia shipping the product locally.
    I have checked my credit card statement and I also have been billed for $8.67 by Healthmember and $3.94 by VH Access. As with the previous posts I have never heard of these companies and never authorised any credit card transaction.
    I would like to know if there is some legal avenue that we can pursue to bring these crooks to justice and hopefully the inside of a gaol cell.

  • Lo
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    These merchants are a free trial weighloss or colon cleanse system. They bill you for a free trial and you pay the postage. The problem is that no one reads the terms and conditions and then complains to their bank to get the money back. The merchant is covered by their terms and conditions. My advise is simple. Cancel your card and don't subscibe for anything under the giuse of "free trial" there is nothing "FREE" about it and their terms and conditions are clear. They also pass your details on to VH ACCESS AND VH MEMBERSHIP again this is outlined in their terms and conditions. If you don't receive the free trial the bank can help you get your money back but if you have received the product then you need to send it back via registered post so that it can be trackable or you loose your money.

  • Ta
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    Hi, I'm another victim of Healthmember and VH Access from Australia. Money taken out my Bank Account around the 24th August 2009 . Don't who they are and I certianly have not purchased anything or given
    them authority to deduct monies from my account. Also I would appreciate a contact email address or website of these vultures.

  • Le
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    I have also had money taken frm my account by healthmember and VH access and like Shalyn would love to know how to get in touch with them. I have never heard of them and have certainly never purchased anything from them. I am in Australia and would appreciate an email address or website if anyone has it thanks.

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