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Well like everyone else, I also got taken by this
I fell for the 4.95 trail, an now I find out about this scam.
However before I found out, I never recieved the trail so I contacted the support # [protected].
When I tried calling all I could get from this company was an open line with no one at the other end, then a message came on with an email address to write to for support. When emailing them at I gave them my confirmation # given to me at the time I order the trail . I got a 1 time response from them saying they forward my question about the orginal trail order and they gave me another order #. They requested that I not respond to their email they sent back to me. The next day I had another charge for 79.95 put through on my card, without my permission.
I have since done research on this company, and found out this is typical. When I called my bank they said that 3 other people had already called about DRIAciaSlim reporting the same abuse as was happening to me. So I cancelled my card with that bank and got a new one issued to me. I also followed through with filing a police report in my local state, and contacted Gov Pawlenty in MN asking him to forward this complaint along to the appropriate agencies within his state. Along with a copy of my complaint with the police dept in NH

I have seen other complaint boards since that time about the same company so here is some other info for anyone who may actually be lucky enough to see this post.

Acaiaslim keeps moving its site and two pages on the internet that no longer work if you attempt to find their site again are as follows
These are currently shut down but I have found away to track them across the net. The only good working link for them currently available is
This is a google link, so in the event that this one is killed type into google and it will always give you a good link to this bogus net site.
But if I were you I wouldnt order from these people, they do not tell you on the other links there are terms to their trail offer.
These include another monthly charge with some other company where you can track your weight loss that charge is something like 24.95 an yes this is something you can be charged for if you dont cancel your order.
You will find the other info about the second company in the above link. What they dont say in their terms is you cant reach them to cancel because none of the info in the terms page are valid.

Now for yes you can get a link to it as I did, here it is

but you will find out that it doesnt have a record of your trail order and you cannot cancel it from this site because they have no record of your transaction with At least they do not have a record of my confirmation # given to me at the time of the trail order.

Now I also found their unsubscribe page for their email scams so if you are getting spammed here is their unsubscribe link

Well I am off now to write to the Delware address listed on their terms page but I imagine that is also a waste of my time. As I really expect this to also be a bogus address if it has anything to do with AciaSlim.

Good luck to you all, hope we all get reimbursed, or at the very least get this company investigated for fraud by the many people who I hope after seeing this will also write to Gov Pawlenty in Mn. Here is his email Send your complaints to him maybe we can get someone to stop these crooks.

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