AcaiAdvanced c/o GLFUnauthorized charges


I ordered a trial version of AcaiAdvanced for only a 5.95 charge. The page I ordered on said nothing about putting me on any recurrent charges whatsoever; and I ALWAYS look. When I got the product, they charged my credit card another $24.95, which they managed to do twice before I caught it as it had then overdrawn my card and my credit card company had a fit. When I finally received the AcaiAdvanced, they had literature in there that said I was now enrolled in the program for $68.95 for a bottle of AcaiAdvanced every month. Not only is that highway robbery, but I should have been told in the first place they were going to do that; not after they send the stuff. And what about the $24.95 charges???? I found out from my credit card company that a company called 'LivLean' was charging my card, which I had NEVER heard of! But my credit card company did give me their number and I did call them. The lady tried to tell me that the 'fine print' in the first page I ordered from told me all about it in the 'terms' and conditions that we agree to. Well, there wasnt such a box to check when I ordered the AcaiAdvanced. I called AcaiAdvanced, and the lady said I had agreed to let them charge my account for $92-3 a month and that is bull! I argued the point, including when I had called in regarding the $68.95 recurrent monthly charge for the Acai (which you can get for about $10 in a health food store come to find out) they had said NOTHING about this other 'livlean' $24.95 charge they had now charged my card twice for! I did get them to agree to reimburse my card for those charges, and I have to send in the bottle to get them to not charge me the $68.95, so I may not be out of the woods yet. I am sending all the info to my credit card company (which was my first phone call anyway as they shut my card down over this) and Ive notified the lady at AcaiAdvanced that I am filing fraud charges. I asked for the corporate phone numbers, and she didnt have access to them. I told her thats because they're scamming everyone! <br />
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Now, what I find interesting is that there are a LOT of complaints about AcaiAdvanced but it seems they're all in different company names...are these all the same company names??? That is something I intend to find out; as their way of hiding charges is sheer outright FRAUD! My credit card company is going to reopen my card...(Ive always paid my bills every single month Ive been with them for years) but find all this out by my own credit card company was a real shock...I SHOULD have known all this from the company themselves; not my own card services! <br />
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Beware people...this is IMO a SCAM for sure no matter WHAT company name they are using next. I was aghast at how many complaints Ive read here regarding this product...<br />
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Vanessa in Alaska

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