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I signed up for a 15 day FREE trial of AcaiAdvanced. I had to pay for the shipping and handling using my credit card. When I received my free trial it came in a bottle that had a 30 day supply. I was instructed to call the 1-888 mumbere within the 15 days if I wished to return the unused portion within the s15 days. Included in the material was a pamphlet informing me that I have been enrolled in their Live Lean For Life Weight Loss Management PRogram. Which will be an additional fee. I immediately started to call the number proviede at the times specified and have yet been able to get in contact with their customer service dept. I have tried multiple times every day and either get a funny ring that just disconnects, phone keeps ringing and no one picks up, sounds like a fax machine, actually someone does answers just as soon as you start speaking the place you on hold and you are eventually disconected. This is outrageous. This is a scam so that you cannot obtain a RMA number to return the product. I will have to notify my credit card company to get this product taken off of my card. I need someone to send me a RMI number so that I can send the product back, get a refund of waht was charged on my card, and my name withdrawn from the Live Lean for Life Weight Loss program. Also since I submitted my information to this company I have been receiveng a tremoundeous amount of junk mail. I doubt that is a coincidence. ]
I would like to know what else I can do to to get my money back.

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  • Gw
      May 11, 2009
    acaiadvance - they keep charging my account
    United States
    Phone: 8882475160

    i bought a trial supply of aci. the company has charged my discover account 2 times in april for no products, and i didn't tell them to ship me any more ar to charge my account. tell me how to stop this?

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  • Tx
      Jun 02, 2009

    I was dumb enough to order these as well . I am very over weight and was hoping these would help. I was told that Oprah was behind those and so i thought i would give them a shot. After getting them in (the free ones, only paying 5.95 for shipping), there was a paper enclosed that after 15 days they would charge my credit card 64.95 (the partial cost of these for the remaining 15 days of the month), then again next month and so on. I can only imagine what a full month cost. There is a number to call them at on that peice of paper, i have been doing that for 2 days with no answer. I tried to find the website, to no avail. I went to the bank and stopped my account because i am a single mom, i do work and support my child. i only wanted some help for a problem that has plagued me forever. I have even considered surgery but my insurance want cover it, and i cant be off without pay. In my house we would be devastated if money was drained out of my account every month. if any one can help with how to get a hold of this company let me know, i want to return there product. i have not opened it, to scared. be blessed

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  • Ni
      Jul 27, 2009

    ohh buddy, you are in deep poo. oh and by the way RMA numbers are the direct link to someones account. i think it would be sweet if someone gave you their RMA number becuase then you send the product back and they get the credit on their card. haha you fool.

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