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On 8/11/2008 I sent for a sample bottle of Acai Berry tablets. I received my sample and the day I took my third tablet, my checking account was debited $74.76. I received a full sized bottle of the Pure Acai Berry tablets a couple days later. I called the company and complained about not even getting enough time to evaluate the sample and they sent a full bottle. A young lady told me I could get a refund if I returned the package unopened, and they received it by Sept 6, 2008. I immediately went to the post office and sent the package, unopened, by priority mail. This was on Aug 28, 2008. I also got a Confirmation receipt to verify that they received the package on time. It was delivered on August 30, 2008. This company now has my money and the product. I sent them an e-mail, and have tried every day to no avail to reach them by phone. To top it off, after I unsubscribed from their mail order, they debited my checking acct once again on September in the amount of $5.87 for what I have no idea. They are totally in the wrong. I did what I was asked to do in a timely fashion and they won't refund my money. Where do I go from here. I can't reach them by phone, and they won't answer my e-mail.

Thank you for any consideration you give this matter.

Barbara Ramsaran
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  • Vi
      Sep 09, 2008
    Acai tablets - meds sent that I didn't order
    Performance Health USA LLC
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I received an e mail introducing the Acai tablets which you could order a sample and so they say (simply pay for the shipping and handleing) yeah right!! After I received the so called free sample a charge for an additional shipment was on my credit card. I did not order these additional tables nor did I want them. When I called the number that the Credit Card company had was disconnected. Where does this leave a person. Its not a great company to deal with.

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  • Ka
      Sep 15, 2008

    That pisses me off becasue the same thing has happened to me and they won't answer my calls either!!! Seriously, what do we do? Does anyone know?

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  • Fr
      Dec 15, 2008
    Acai tablets - Scam
    DRI Acaia Slim
    United States

    As others have posted they charged me $ 79.95 before the end of the "trail period". My credit card company says they get complaints on this business ALL the time. It is impossible to get the company to answer the phone, so you have very little opportunity to do anything about it. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them.

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  • Acai tablets - Money taken out of account
    Scotland, Strathclyde
    United Kingdom




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  • Je
      Aug 26, 2009
    Acai tablets - Money taken out of account
    Health Science
    United Kingdom

    I ordered Acai berry detox and life cleanser on line on a offer of $ 5.49 as a one time offer. One month later my bank account was debited with a amount of $85.00 from this company. They sent me a bottle of tablets which i returned to them with a letter to say i was not interested. Now i have received another batch of tablets and again my account has been debited the same amount. I have sent tablets back again. No money has gone back into my account.

    The name they use is health science P.O. box 15511, EH49 7YH United Kingdom

    Jennifer Beevors Unit 22/33-41 Victoria Avenue Penshurst NSW 2222 Australia

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