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Acai slim pills / Did not recieve trial. Paid for the shipping but did not recieve product

1 Alberta, Canada Review updated:

I ordered the trail of AciaAslim pills, and they did not reach my home. I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks. Are they coming or are they a scam?

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  24th of Nov, 2008
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I can not believe how many programs I in advertantly registered for when ordering this porduct. Buyer beware and do not go there or your credit card will be charged for products and programs you have never heard of.

  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Acai slim pills - unauthorize charges-89.95
6433 South Staples#125
Corpus Christi
United States
Phone: 361-7231058

I did tried your promotional thing, and as I ended my transactions all I know was that I will only pay for the shipping cost>But sad to note, last night when I checked my debit account on line-you charged me 89.95.I did talked to your representative today(Adam) and I told him that I NEVER AUTHORIZE such amount.I am cancelling it for the simplest reason that I, m not satisfied plus I felt being tricked.I haven't received the product yet(other than the 1 bottle-sample), therefore I am requesting for the refund of such amount-89.95. My cancellation code is 9462.I am an R.N., I just wanted to try your product so I can recommend it to my fellow nurses but I felt tricked w/ your on line advertisement.I'm not obese but since I'm an Asian, it's common for us to panic once we felt we gained weight.I never remembere that there's such an agreement that I give you an authority to directly charged me without me contacting you as to how I feel w/ your product.Thank you

  12th of Dec, 2008
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Hiding in the terms, is a total rewording/alteration of what is advertised on the site. You are NOT getting the deal advertised. You do not get the amount of time they promise, huge charges are being added that are mentioned NOWHERE except in the additional terms, they will be utterly uncaring of your plight. It is the equivalent of buying an advertised CADILLAC for $30, 000 but then getting an AMC GREMLIN and being charged $1 million!! All because your loan agreement had it written in the small print somewhere. If you complain or ask for help they tell you to pound sand with a smile in their voice. This should be dealt with harshly. The CSR at the 800 number was indignant and extremely arrogant, spending the entire time trying to justify that things hidden in the terms like that... is perfectly acceptable! Even used car salesman are not this deceptive. Here is the jist: THE 14-DAY FREE TRIAL BOTTLE YOU ORDERED COSTS $80 AND CAN ONLY BE REFUNDED IF YOU DIDN'T OPEN IT. Guess what? It just so happens that I never had the bottle for 14 days AND I never opened it... and STILL was not able to achieve a refund. Go figure. Despite a gazillion complaints their site is unchanged, further demonstrating their INTENTION to continue to steal your money through obfuscation and deception.

Don't try to figure it out, just STAY AWAY. BTW, if there is a "Rebuttal" above my complaint (like the their is above the other complaints about Acai-aSlim) saying the company wishes to clear things up??? believe me, it is meaningless lip service.

  15th of Dec, 2008
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This is a terrible scam. Everything the above complaints state are true AND, this product had an extremely negative impact on my digestive system. They tell me to call back after Dec. 26 and I'll get half my money back. I can't even find the website anymore to ascertain what they advertised!!! They gave me a customer name and code number and said someone would call me back today to confirm. We'll see. I am filing a dispute with my credit card company.

  16th of Dec, 2008
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I cannot believe the disruption this "free sample" has caused. My Credit Card has been charged twice in less than 30 days by DRI-Acaislim for an amount of $79.95 for capsules I never ordered or even received. My card has also been charged $19.95 by a FIT-FAC.Com business whose website only has a telephone number and they informed me that I automatically agreed to become a registered member of this group 21 days after I ordered my Acai samples. Then another $78.84 has also been charged by TCleanse who also say that I automatically continue receiving ColonxR capsules after receiving their free samples.
It's being almost impossible to contact these scam artists because there's no official telephone numbers and so this has resulted in me cancelling my credit card and ordering a new one from my Bank. But this is very messy and someone needs to put a quick stop on these people.
They must have already made millions of Dollars from innocent people like me!

  17th of Sep, 2009
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I wish I paid more attention to the comments that have been make by customers. But quess what every body the joke is on their dumb
I just wanted to see how true this AD was so i put $6.00 on a debit Visa gave those jackasses the number. I found out that publix sells th e acai juice big bottle for only
$7.98 Everyone should keep their creddit cards in their pocket. I was being inpatient as well, but I am glad I found out ahead of time.

Joyce of st.petersburgFlorida

  4th of Jan, 2010
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I was deceived by your advert, as you took money from my account a month later without advertizing that was what you were going to do. So after a month has passed, the 30 day guarentee has passed and you then refuse to refund the money. Clever scam but i have contacted trading standards and they are going to pursue this case.

  4th of Jan, 2010
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I was deceived by your advert. This scam involved me pay £10 for a bottle of these Acaiburn pills. The company, without my knowledge or permission a MONTH later took £89 from my account, so because the 30 day warentee is UP from there point of view they can refuse to give back the money. I have had to get Trading Standards and my Bank to pursue this so hopefully this scam company will not get away with this!!!

  5th of Feb, 2010
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I have been billed in UK for atleast £250.00 on my credit Card and the bank are refusing to Disbute - the case and help me with the issues of concern to analyse the situation- The gym is better than they bad people - i am crying and a student and they will not stop i don't have any money to pay the balance on the credit card they keep charging atleast one transaction per week.

Help Me Please (since Christmas day 25 Dec 2009 - i am crying)

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