Acai Performance Products / I thought I was just paying for the $4.95 s & h charge but then got a $79.95 charge on my account

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Pharma Labs, Acai Cleanse : I also got sucked in by the "free trial offer" meaning that I thought I was just paying for the $4.95 s & h charge but then got a $79.95 charge on my account. After the fact, I did re-review and it does sketchily say 10 day trial period vs. 30 day trial product, which is the confusing part. I may be a simple minded consumer, but I am not a person without respect. I feel stupid not only for ordering a simple herbal laxative that is 8 times over priced, I feel stupid for having been hood winked into such a purchase. Calling they did credit my account for this charge...but why should I even have to do that if the product and price is what it claims to be? I told the gal on the phone that I only wanted the "sample item" nothing else...not the monthly service JUST the sample product. Guess what? This charge showed up on my account today. I was never able to reach anyone on the phone, but I left a message voicing my anger and disapproval. Charges showed up on my account and that is what prompted me to call again and embarrassingly explain to a obviously very young girl, popping her gum, that I was searching for a product to help bowel elimination as a means of losing weight, more energy etc, etc...whatever. She reminded me that I had to return the items within 14 days or I would be charged $79.95 full price. THEN the real marketing motivation and draw in to continue, they'll give you a "surprise" 50 % discount to keep getting a product that could not be actually be worth more than $6.00. If you don't call some pay the $79.95, if you do you get a discount. So if you're stupid enough not to call, $79.95 is charged to your CC. If you call because you're on SS, scared to death about sudden bank charges you didn't know were coming and embarrassed you got such a "stupid" charge for such a "stupid" product and you can't pay your rent they'll give you the discount which still works for them in a big way, but is still "stupid" for you!

The ingredients aren't going to kill you, hopefully, but the unscrupulous sales tactics may. This company and those copy cat companies won't be around long on their own, they are just one of the many product marketing fads that pop up everywhere trying to make a big grap it and run profit. Folks, go to your doctor, your health food store or the grocery vegetable section...get the same for way less and keep your dignity!


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