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My sister ordered a trial bottle of Acai Nutriburst. After the bottle came she called and cancelled the order because her doctor said she could not take it. She also emailed the company and cancelled it. The company still put a hold on my husbands checking account in the amount of $74.94. They have not took the hold off yet and it has been over 2 weeks. You can not reach them by phone to talk to them and they do not answer emails. I am seriously very angry. I want my money and I want it back now!!!


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      Jun 29, 2009

    a similiar thing happened to me. I ordered the free trial version where you only pay the shipping and received that no problems. However, they send me another bottle about 3 weeks later and charged me 93 dollars. Like you said, no way to reach them by phone and no response from email. I am pissed off and will be taking this up with the BBB and whatever other agency I can to make life hell for these guys. This is not how business shoule be done in America

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      Jul 01, 2009

    I too have the exact situation and they keep charging me. I want to cancel but dont know how to. Any help would be great

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      Jul 02, 2009

    My daughter did this at college and this is what happened: She cancelled it but still got the second shipment. She did get her money back for that BUT what she didn't know was that their were other programs attached to her account. After she realized she was still being charged $5 a month (several months later- she is not very good about checking her account) we called and cancelled and asked if there were other programs attached to her account and were told "NO". Now- she has been charged $17 for ANOTHER program on the account. I had a real battle with the operator about being lied to (which he admitted we were) but he only refunded $7 of the "Non-refundable" amount. I had to yell and scream at him for 15 minutes to even get this. The lesson is- READ THE FINE PRINT, ask the operator for a cancellation number and keep it, ask what other programs are attached to your order and keep an eye on your charge account for new wierd charges. The number to reach them is on your credit card statement. Hope this helps.

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      Jul 15, 2009

    HIGHLY DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES -- I'm going through it right now. Not only did they take the money out of my child support account, but that caused my account to be overdrawn!! It says Risk-Free trial -- if they were legitimate, they wouldn't need fine print -- they should be up front and tell you to cancel within 14 days and then give you viable options for getting back to them -- TOTALLY DECEPTIVE!!!

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      Jul 20, 2009


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      Jul 27, 2009

    I feel raped by these S.O.B.'s! I also tried a "Free" trial bottle of ACAI. In 3 weeks they sent another shipment and took $74.94 from my bank account. I sent back the bottle but in 3 weeks they took another $74.94 from my account. This is not the way a ligitimate company operates.I am turning these ya-hoo's over to the better business bureau!!!

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      Aug 03, 2009

    I am going through the same thing. I just called to cancel my order and told them that I had already shipped back the bottle unused, and unopened. They said would cancel future orders, but would not refund my $74.94.
    When I asked to speak to a manager the guy just said nobody can help you or refund your money.
    This is highly deceptive company!!

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      Aug 04, 2009
    Acai Nutriburst - cancelled order, charged me 25 to do so
    Acai Nutriburst
    United States

    I placed an order for a free trial offer of their Acai Nutriburst diet supplement/pill. I read and re-read their web-page to make sure there was no catch. I didn't see anything that set off any alarms so I decided to order. I received it with no problem. A couple of weeks later another bottle arrived that I did not order. I called my credit card to find that they charged me $74.94 for the second bottle. I called to find out what the deal was. I can keep the bottle at a discount amount of $50, or ship it back to them for a restocking fee of $25!!?? They said it was plainly stated on their website the "terms and conditions." So I went back to the website to look. At the very bottom of the page in small purple writing is a link to "terms and conditions" which explains the details. They are making a killing off of scamming people for their second unexpected bottle. This information should be easy to see.

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      Aug 10, 2009

    Just happened to me today. I called and was told that I could only get back $49.94 of my $74.94. I took my sample to the post office paid a little over $6.00 for a certified mail/return receipt to send back to them, just to get home and find a new shipment in my mailbox. I am going to be sending this back at my expense as well. I got the same thing when asked to speak to a supervisor but was also told that if I complained, I would not get any refund. I heard about this from Rachel Rae and I certainly am going to let her know about it as well. I did a reverse search with the address to send the product back to and found this information:
    Acai Nutri-burst
    in relation to: Razor Media
    421 LeRoy Dr.
    Corona, CA 92879
    Phone: [protected]
    Ebill Phone: [protected]

    I called the business phone and got nothing but voice mail. This is definately a consumer affairs/BBB and small claims court issue.

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      Dec 03, 2010
    acainutri - taking money for product not ordered or recieved
    Western Australia

    I did not order or recieve any goods from this company and money has been taken from my account

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