Acai Nutrahealth/Nutiburst / scam - Kate's story

1 WA, US

Yes, I fell for the Kate Story!

I placed an order for "free" product requiring only a $4.95 shipping and handling fee.

Seven days after placing the order I learned that the company, and claims of success, were nothing but a scam.

I attempted to contact the company, via phone number on the order confirmation, and received a recording saying that emailing them could provide quicker service. I sent an email to the address given, being : [protected] Then someithing weird happened! I was typing another email, to Sivitrol Cleansing System BFT, and looked back to my sent folder and it wasn't there!! I went back to my inbox and the email I sent came back indicating that I had sent it to myself. I tried again and again...checking and double checking the email address. I use computers...but this was beyond me.

My order was placed on the 9th of August, and this occurance happened on the 14th. After reading about the unauthorized charges to other customers, and there not being legit, I made the decision to call in my debit card. I explained to the card company's customer service. It was suggested that I report it as lost/stolen and "freeze" the card. It's a hassle...autopays and all...but hopefully things wont be catostrophic come Monday morning.

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