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Acai / e-commerce deceptions

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The website www.natural-acai-berry.com offers a free sample of a diet supplement. When you place the order you are told you will have to charge the shipping to your credit card so you have to enter it. It's only about $5 so you enter it. The site looks secure and reasonable. There is no indication at the time of charge or when looking at the "free" sample information that you will be joining a "diet club" where your credit card will be automatically charged $70 or more every month. I found this out after the fact. The "terms and conditions" at the bottom of the home page opens into a pop-up telling about the "club" and automatic charges which are not otherwise visible. I've cancelled the charge card that I put the shipping charge on and hope that will prevent the future charges from starting as they've done to so many others. However I wanted to complain on behalf of everyone that this website is suckering in with their "free sample" that hooks people unknowingly into being charged $70 and more monthly. They're preying on unsuspecting people and it's disgusting.
The address I found in their hidden terms and conditions is : Cheshunt Overseas Ltd, PO Box 642, Charleston, Nevis, West Indies, St. Kitts.
After doing online research I found at the UK Guardian newspaper an article saying that Cheshunt is an offshore tax dodge owned and thus operated by Tesco, which is a reputable UK grocery company. If it's any help I found an address on them: Tesco, Customer Svce, PO Box 73, Baird Avenue, Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD1 9NF (It's shocking that a retailer with a good reputation internationally is related to a low cheesy online swindle like this one.)


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  6th of Jan, 2009
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I really appreciated the comments posted by Lynn B.. I was just ripped off by Acai and will never send for a "free sample" again
on the internet. The information you provided was very helpful and appreciated.
Thank you.
  14th of Jan, 2009
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Please tell me how to get in touch with this company to cancel, the phone is always busy?
  10th of Feb, 2009
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This company is most definitely a sophisticated scam. When you go out to their website, you are supposedly signup up for a 4 day trial of their Acai Berry. If everyone would bother to read the Terms and Conditions as you say, they will find that as soon as you hit the submit button, you are automatically signing up for their monthly paymemt and you only have 14 days to cancel. Let's see, it takes a day or two to ship, transit time by the USPS, and guess what, more than half your time is gone is gone before you even receive the product. Then, you have way way less than 10 days to finish the trial, before they are charging you $69.95 for the next month's 30 day supply. In the meanwhile, if you happen to catch on to their practice and try to call them, they don't answer the phone.

For everyone's edification, run a BBB report on Cheshunt Overseas LTD and Real Solutions Labs. You will find they both are the same company and have a BBB rating of F. You will also find if you check it out that the P.O. Box in Sparks, Nevada, is a P.O. Box at Mailboxes, etc. They also have a shipping place in Florida, and Real Solutions in Texas and one other place.

Also in their terms and conditions, they state ALL SALES FINAL, and there are no returns for any reason whatsoever.

If you have been victimized by these sneaky devils, dispute the charges with your credit card company as fraudulent. Make sure to return the product anyway. Don't let these people rip you off for $70 for no legitimate reason. There are plenty of other Acai Berry suppliers who charge similar monthly rates, but you can cancel with them if not satisfied and return the product for a refund.

You will also find on further research that Real Solutions Labs is running a website called myhoodiacut.com. They are being sued by Virksen Biotech for trademark infringement of their Hoodiacut. On the natural-acai-berry.com site, it says they are located in St. Kitts and Nevis. This is about as good as all the Nigerian ripoff scams people fall for.

So, Buyer Beware! I wouldn't touch these people with a 10 foot pole. People need to file complaints with their local attorney general's office and department of consumer affairs if you have been taken by them. I suspect their $69.95 for 3o days of pills probably doesn't cost them $10 to make.

Their terms and conditions are deliberatly written to nail you for $69.95 before you even have time to react and cancel regardless if you read them or not. It is true than most people don't take the time to bother to read the terms and conditions and they are getting nailed for it and taken to the cleaners by this company that knows how this works.
  22nd of Mar, 2009
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I got suckered into the $4.95 trial sample from CHESTNUT OVERSEAS, LTD. I never received the sample, but about 2weeks later I got a 60 capsule order for $69.95 plus tax. I called them and the guy said he was in Nevada, but I think he was in the FAr East. I got the run-around and he finally said I should send back the capsules and they'd credit me with my credit card co. This is a major scam, so take my advice and don't do the trial offer. Now I'll have to file letters with VISA disputing the charges, etc. Where are the rergulators when you need them?????????
  5th of Apr, 2010
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So who's fault is it really. Is it the consumers who check the box stating the Terms & Conditions have been read and agreed to, but never did fully read and/or understand what they have electronicaly signed OR the businesses that take advantage of folks that agree to things too quickly. You may notice that unless you do agree and complete an "electronic signature" you will not be able to complete the transaction. I have yet to find in any Terms & Conditions where you may agree to only some or part of it but if I did say I agered, I didn't really mean it. If the company does't have Terms and conditions before confirmation- Buyer Beware (this is a very old saying and most peoply have heard it but believe it must be meant for less savvy consumers other than themselves). Did you websearch for ACAI complaints before offering you credit card number?? Ah, couldn't take the extra 5 mins that could slow down getting your 5+ days for delivery. So, live & learn. Watch out in the future and Do NOT SIGN or AGREE to anything you haven't read and understood!

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