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acai burn & purity 12 / cancled and still was charged

1 TX, United States Review updated:

When I recievewd this product, I took it for the first 3 days and obtained extreamly bad pain in my stomache. I was curled up in a ball with pain for 3 days. Once I stopped taking the Acai Burn and the Purity 12, the pain went away. I called to cancle and was still charged. Called my bank and the bank rep told me that my account was on hold. I have called the [protected] to cancle again and was in a shout match with the rep because she was trying to explain the greatness of the product, you have to cancle before the 14th day. Did that!!!While waiting on hold, the advertisment tells you, if you arent satisfied, give the rest of the bottles to a friend but they will still charging me. I don't know what to do. I have cancled my card, my bank account. It's a shame that we have to do all that, because scammers can't get thier #$%@T together!!! I was charged $135.00. No way of getting it back. Or is there????

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  • Su
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I actually ordered the 3 bottles of AcaiBurn and the free Purity. The products for me seem to work well but I got a "Foreign Transaction Fee" charged to my card because the AcaiBurn bank is in the country of Cypress NOT the US. They refuse to make good on the charge and will not answer my question as to how they believe it to be acceptable business practice to allow customers to order their product without disclosing that additional charges may be incurred depending on your country. They then also charged me for some web site and while they claim it was not their charge "as a courtesy" they could give me the number. When I spoke with my credit card company I told them I would dispute that charge and they could either charge it back to wherever it came from OR they could cancel my card. The rep there said he has to cancel so many Acai charges he has lost count and he would just issue me a new card. So while the product IS doing so far what they claim, I can not in good conscience deal with a company so unwilling to be straight forward. The only thing I could finally get after 4 calls and about people is one finally admitted to knowing about this fee and said they could not refund it because they didn't charge it - my bank did. Bu, of course, my bank did not charge it, their bank from another country required more US $'s to process payment so that charge was passed on. This girl gave me a number she said I could call for Legal but that was all she could do. I find it sad that Oprah would allow her name to be associated with such a place but I just will not do further business. I seriously doubt there is anyway to get your money back short of a legal action which would cost more than you are owed AND who knows if you could ever actually find a real person in this company. It's all very secretive and extremely poor business practices. Sorry I could not be of any help except to validate your story for those who may find these posts.

  • Mi
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    Hello, we are NOT Acai Burn. However, I am the Customer Service supervisor for the other product mentioned. Just letting you all know that our Customer Service hours are Monday thru Friday 8AM-5:30PM and the number is 877-300-6125. We do have a 30 day risk free satisfaction Guarantee. So please give us a call and any one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with anything that they can. Also if you would like to cancel your account through email you may do so by emailing Thank you and have a great day

  • Ro
      3rd of May, 2009
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    When you send your portion of the pills back not to be charged make sure the use a return receipt with the insured as well. This way when they charge you after they have already received the pills you can PROVE they received them and on what date.

    To send the pills back here is the address:
    Acai Burn
    PO Box 10233
    Des Moines IA 50381
    Phone number: 18006593588

    Make sure to put your order number on the outside of the package as well as insuring it with a return receipt.
    It cost me $10.25 to mail it beware of that too.

    To cancel the "Web Access Fee" you need to call:
    They are only open Monday through Saturday 6am-7pm Mountain Time

    To cancel the "Weight Loss EB" Fee you need to call:
    They are only open Monday through Friday 7am07pm Mountain Time

    Make sure to call ALL of these numbers and cancel or they will continually charge you. Write down who you spoke with, what time and what date. It will help when they try to argue that you never canceled with them. And whatever you do, make sure you get a confirmation number of the account being canceled!

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