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Acai Berry Life Cleanse / never received product and number to call to cancel is bogus!

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Phone: 1-866-949-0138

Paid the 3.95 for shipping for a free 15 day trial. Nothing arrived. Saw today that my account has been charged 87.13 for the month for the product and I have never received anything. The number given with the withdrawal from my account for this product is [protected] does not work... It bogus! The aid used the names of oprah and rachel ray as being seen on their shows. I am furious at my self and do not know how to stop them from taking more money and I want my money back pronto! Can anyone help with this?

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  20th of Jan, 2009
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This happened to me too! Does anyone know how to stop them from withdrawing any more money? This is ridiculous! I wasn't even aware they were going to withdraw any more money than the $3.95 shipping. I am furious and NEED to find out how to make sure I am not scammed out of any more money!

  20th of Jan, 2009
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I just found an email string of a bunch of people in the same situation

There are a few numbers that people listed on there that are supposed to work. I am trying them tomorrow. Good luck!

  21st of Jan, 2009
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Ladies, I fell for the same scam! However I called my bank and canceled my card that I gave them so they could not charge any extra fees on my account.

My suggestion to you is to do the same. Don't bother with trying to call them because it's a hoax, just cancel your card and have your bank issue you another one that will solve that problem. Also if you explain the situation your bank may even reimburse you.

  22nd of Jan, 2009
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ACAI bERRY lIFE cLEANSE - Unwanted Charges
Acai Berry Life Cleanse
New York
United States

I was just checking my bank account and have been charged $87.13 for the Acai Berry product. I only agreed to the $3.95 trial. I need to find out how to contact these people to get my money back. Can someone help me. I have looked for websites online but there is no way to contact anyone on the websites. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  22nd of Jan, 2009
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Ugh this is so frustrating! What a giant scam...I called Acaiberry to make them cancel, and the lady gave me a confirmation number and said there would be no more charges, but then today I see there is another charge of $87.13 on my card! I will definitely take your advice and cancel my card today! This is absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully my bank will be able to reimburse me.

  22nd of Jan, 2009
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CALL 1-954-699-0814

I posted a complaint 1-2009 after finding more complants just like mine. I have been working on my issue with FWM Laboratories and my credit card company. My first step was getting a RMA number by calling 1-866-949-0138, then I called my credit card company and disputed all charges from this company. I sent the first package back and had copies of everything (including the packages). When I sent the package back I used Delivery Confirmation. I thought I had everything taken care of and after a month I received another package and more charges onto my credit card.

I have called this company many times and talked until I was blue in the face. It took me telling them my lawyer was going to be contackting them and that they were being flagged for FRAUD. I also let them know that I had contackted the BBB and my state Attorney General to inform them of the fraud that was being done to not only me but many others just like me. They tried to tell me i had not cancelled within the 14 days. Which I then told them I had everything documented and took the names and emplyee numbers of everybody I had talked with.

Two days after I had this conversation with one of their employees I had all my money including my shipping fee of $3.95 and $40.00 credited back to my credit card account.

My best advise for anyone in my same position is not to give up and continue fighting for our right. Make sure you document everything. Continue wacthing your accounts, you never know when they are going to surprise you by taking more of your money. CALL 1-866-949-0138 or 1-954-699-0814 there are many number and some don't work any more but i have got the most resoults from these two. Change accounts if you have too.

  26th of Jan, 2009
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I purchased Acai Berry Lifecleanse and never received it either. They deducted my account for the shipping. Luckily I saw your complaint and was able to cancel within the time period under the terms and conditions. Hopefully I will not be billed any further. I think they are a scam too. I called the 1-866-949-0138 number and received a customer service representative. Just keep calling until you get your situation resolved.

  3rd of Feb, 2009
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I ordered the colon cleanse and never received it. The company charged me 3.95 and then 40.00. When speaking w/representative she informed me that under the terms and conditions of the free trial it stated that I would be charged 87.00 after the 14 day trial and that this information is on the website. The information is not on the website, and I informed the rep it didn't matter because I never received the product. When asking to speak to a supervisor the representative stated the supervisor was on another call but she would cancel my account and send the information to the refunds dept. via e-mail. I spoke w/2 different representatives and they had the same spill and I never spoke w/a supervisor. I am reporting this company to BBB and if I do not receive my refund I am filing charges. I called the on 2-3-09.

  13th of Feb, 2009
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I order it also and never received anything. i have called my credit card company and had them put it in dispute. i have talked to the compnay 7 different times and each time they claim they had cancled the order, but never did. this is a scam company.

  17th of Feb, 2009
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I absolutely agree. this company is running a scam. they have charged me for things I have not received and can not provide me with the ups tracking #. I have spent numerous hours on the telephone with them and I am getting no where. do not order this product, you will not receive it and you will continue to get charged monthly for something that you do not receive.

  24th of Feb, 2009
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I'm having the same thing I was charged $87.13 for the Acai Berry product. I only agreed to the $3.95 trial. I can contact them at 1-866-635-2312 but they will not refund my money back. Can someone help me. I have Any help that can be provided would be appreciated

  4th of Mar, 2009
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On another site someone suggested that I go to I did and I think I got it taken care of. I ordered today, became immediately suspicious and started checking the net for scams. I cancelled my card within 15 minutes, but had already been charged $2 and $1.95. I read the fine print link from the bottom of the website I ordered from about the membership and recurring charges. I made it clear that I wanted to cancel my order and any membership and recurring orders. I was assured that everything was canceled, and was given a confirmation number. The $3.95 that I was immediately charged was not refundable.

  26th of Aug, 2009
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I have also been scammed by this company and it needs to stop!! I ordered the acaiberry detox lp and got the wonderful (yeah right) discount of 90.99. my account was charged.99. I never received that order and then found out that my account had also been charged $87.13 which was not authorized. I did receive a phone call from someone in that company who wanted me to try their product for the low price of $39.95. I adamantly told him "no" and that I felt certain after researching this that I could get the same product at walmart. he assured me that it could not be as good as what he was peddling and I again told him "no thanks". I could tell he was not pleased with my answer. I have called 1-866-949-0138 and it is just bizarre. I did finally get an operator but after they determined I was calling to complain the connection either failed or the operator changed and I could hear them talking or asking for information from another person.
When I told one operator that I had closed my debit account so they could not debit my account with any further fraudulent charges, he advised me not to do that! I told him in no uncertain terms that it had already been done, I was going to file a complaint with the bbb and that I expected a refund in the mail, the connection was somehow "terminated again" and my call was recycled back to the "main menu" where you could really grow old waiting for another person to answer your call. I was also told several times by the "operators" that they were upgrading their calling system to which I told them I did not believe after reading all the reports of their fraudulent charges on the complaint board.
Please, please do not fall for this scam. it will come back to haunt you!!!

  10th of Sep, 2009
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You need to be careful when you do things online. Usually when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.
I work for a bank in the fraud and dispute department and we see disputes for charges like these every week. What people need to understand is, most of the time you don't read the terms and conditions, in there it says that you will be charged monthly, you also sign up for their website, and you get charged for that as well.

You can buy ACAI Berry at Wal mart, at GNC, so buy it there, not online. Its common sense, if you put your card number out on the internet, its possible that it can be stolen from that website.

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