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Acai Berry / fit-fac / unauthorized charges

United States Review updated:
Fit-caf #'s number is now [protected] of course no one is answering even though they open at 7am (it is now 8am). They are a different company that is affiliated with Acai berry. I was scammed too. Just got off the phone with the acai berry reps & they tried to get me off the phone. What a scam!


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  3rd of Jan, 2009
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I just realized this happened to me. I closed my banking account and am sending complaint to my state attorney generals office of consumer fraud. I hope they get these guys!!
  5th of Jan, 2009
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This happened to me as well. Acai Berry is now calling themselves Trim Slim I only ordered the $4.95 free trial my card was billed $149.89 plus another $9.95 then a charge of $19.95 was billed from Fit Fac which I had never heard of. Fit Fac does not even answer a phone anymore. I did get in touch with trim slim and they would only reimburse part of the money to my credit card after I spent a total of three calls and an hour on the phone with them. I had to tell them I was calling the better business burea on them. Please call BBB if this happens too you to. Plus call your credit card company they will help you dispute alot of trouble yes but we must stop these people and stand up for ourselves. Some people have said you should have know better. Sometimes yes I am stupid and hope people like this do not exists but in all reality they do. Be careful and stand up for yourself. From now on get a prepaid card they cannot overbill.
  5th of Jan, 2009
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Yes I too was scammed the same way. I have made a fraud compliant with my credit card company but am still fighting with the company-they said there was a 14 day trial offer that allowed them to charge me after the 14 days-I never got any product but two bottles and I sent the other one back marked Refused. I am filing charges with the Better Business Breau also. This is such a rip-off and Oprah needs to be contacted as well as they are using her as a marketing person.
  10th of Jan, 2009
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I was alson done the same way with that ColonCleanse stuff. They charged my $79.95 on my credit card after they sent my trail product to the wrong address. I finally got that one but it was after the 14 day trial period, Isn't that funny. How do you test something in 14 days when you haven't even received it yet. Oh but then they supposedly sent me another bottle that I was charged the $79.95 for. I did not even receive this because I called and cancelled it. After sending proof of cancellation with some more stuff to my credit agency, it was taken off of my card. A lot of Bull____, if you ask me. I learned my lesson, believe you me!!! Nothing but a much of scams. I tried the stuff and everyday that I took it I got sick to my stomach. It's untelling what I took. But nobodies fault but my own. I can't believe that I'm even writing about this. Can't sleep though, my trial sleeping pills aren't working. LMBO!!! Just kiddin...
  14th of Jan, 2009
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An amount of $88.97 was charged from my credit card for POMACAICLEANSE. I wonder what was this about. All I know was that I tried Colon Aid 700 - free trial and now this amount was taken from me. I wonder if they are happy in cheating people.
  15th of Jan, 2009
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I had gone and check my statements and had multiple unauthorized charges on my account. I called and had to cancel the icom.com which i never signed up for. It turns out they are linked to a loan finder which automatically turns your info to idonlock.com and automatically signs you up for their service. Absolutely appalled that this happened luckily i caught this right away before it went any further.
  18th of Jan, 2009
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I was checking the balance on my prepaid master card, and while going through all of the transactions, I realized, that there was a transaction, that I do not remember making. Please check into this for me, and help me get my money back. The company, that took the money was, Center 4 Grants, and their website is www.center4 grants.com
  22nd of Jan, 2009
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Fit-fac (Acai Berry) - unauthorized charges
Acai Berry (Fit-fac)
26525 Gading Road Unit 30
United States
Phone: 510-677-7936

I purchased an introductory product, and was then charged twice, a sum of $19.95, for the product. I did not authorize this purchase.
  23rd of Jan, 2009
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I was ripped off also by this so call company. I ordered trial for $2.99 each shipping. Then all of a sudden I get charged $40.00, and anohter $40.. and now $87.00 to my credit card i did not order anything but trials. I have talked to them and said I did order this product. I have had to conceal my credit card because of this and also having to change my bank account because of them. They sent me two more bottles. They told me also they could not refund any money.
Thank You
Betty McVay
Temple, Texas
  3rd of Feb, 2009
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I only wish that I would have seen these complaints before ordering my free trial. I only had to pay shipping, which is what I did and then now they are trying to charge my debit card for $75. I contacted my bank and told them I never order this and that I googled it and it apparently is a scam. They will do their little investigation on it and I should get my money back. I think I'll have the Channel 5 News Investigators get on this, they want to mess with me...I would love to mess with them.

Laurie Denzel
Minneapolis, MN

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