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Acai berry / Extreme Acai Berry Melt Away Tablets

1 4650 SW 51st St., Bay 711Davie, FL, United States Review updated:

This company offered a free 14 day trial of their Extreme Acai Berry tablets for the cost of postage and handling. Upon arrival and reading a very small leaflet, I learned that after the 14 days, I was to be charged automatically every 31 days, with an amount of $89.31. I am not at all happy with this and will be returning the trial offer and will phone and cancel the order. I am not paying this amount each month and the trial offer is very misleading.

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  20th of Oct, 2008
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Fullfillment Acaiberry - charge my account
Fullfillment Acaiberry
United States

Order the sample for 3.95, right after i received my free sample i was hit with a charge of 89.95, also the same company a free trail of green tea for 5.95 also charge me 38.95, never receive the free sample. Unable to contact the company about these products, to cancel my enrollment, that i never ask for.

  28th of Oct, 2008
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I got a call around 8 pm EST from a company saying that I made a purchase from another company recently and that they had given this company my info as a preferred customer. So they were sending me free gas vouchers and discounts in the mail and I had to cancel the discounts' membership within 30 days of receiving them or I'd be charged 19.95 a month for them. When I kept saying I had no idea what she was talking about, she kept using my name (totally telemarket behavior) and saying I understand but... and talked extremely fast.

So she gives me over to their verification department and this guy wants my date of birth to verify my information. I say no ty, and he says we need it, just the month and day, to verify. I told him it didn't matter bc I was canceling this crap anyway and if he could just do that now, that'd be great because I never authorized to give them any of my information and on the website I received the product from, the terms never mentioned giving out my personal information. He gave me membership services, and with an attitude, told me to have a good evening.

I call this number, they claim I'm not in their system and that I had to wait 3-5 days before I could cancel. Well I know that my 14 day trial would be up with the other company in 2 days, and I told her that I didn't even want THEIR product but I'd call back.

I called back the next day and then this lady I spoke with tried to get me to give her my debit card number saying it would help determine what product I purchased so I could cancel. I refused and she said they didn't need the exp date or other info, just that number. I'm sorry, but no! So I asked the name of her company and she says, "We're Membership Services" and I"m like excuse me?

She says they work for several different companies. So by then I was disgusted and told her to have a nice day, and hung up. The nerve of her asking for that info. And when I asked who the company was that gave her company my info, she says it's for privacy protection that they don't give that out. Yet you have my home address, phone number, and last 4 digits of my debit card WITHOUT my approval?!?! What about MY privacy protection?

So I try to contact Fullfillment in Davie, FL to cancel the 14 day trial AGAIN! I'd been calling them for weeks but no answer.

The number I called was 1-801-208-7485. I get nothing but a male automated voice telling me their hours of operation, and then straight to being placed on hold or the line disconnects!! With all these numbers to contact these people and with all of them being the same shady deal, I can't understand how these people are still in business.

I called my bank immediately before any charges were even applied, other than shipping, and had my account closed! This is absolutely ridiculous. They rope you in by not answering your calls within the 14 day period and then sell your information to other shady companies that attempt to do the same thing to you "Cancel withing __ days or we'll charge you $___!!" It's ludicrous!

I suggest you all call your banks immediately and make them aware of the situation. When I told my representative, she agreed that it was shady and that people have had several problems with these, "Membership Services" companies! I'm filing a complaint with every agency possible!

  25th of Nov, 2008
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What a scam!!! I ordered the free trial product and now have a $90 bill on my credit card for a product that I do not want. Supposedly I can send it back and get my money back but they weren't exactly clear on it and I have been getting different answers from the customer sales reps.

  10th of Dec, 2008
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Extreme Acai Berry / Fullfillment - Internet scam
England, Yorkshire
United Kingdom

I ordered a free sample of the Acai Berry product but on receipt I find that I am going to be charged a further $90 every 31 days! I did NOT agree to have my account debited! I now find that I CANNOT get through to the number supplied so that I can cancel. Furthermore, ringing from the UK costs more than I can afford (I am a 60-year old pensioner!).

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