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Received free product, paid S/H charges, cancelled within 10 days. Received another bottle, sent back with RETURN TO SENDER on package. They said they never received, will only refund $35.00 of $74.94 charge. SCAM SCAM SCAM. BUYER BEWARE. Had to call credit card company to cancel card. Was told to call [protected] to obtain an acct #, cancellation# and confirmation#. Low and behold no answer... BEWARE SCAM

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  • Su
      Aug 15, 2009

    I also tried this product- I did agree to the terms & conditions as stated on the page that I ordered the "Free trial 14 day offer", however I did not see that they conveniently had a hidden terms and conditions on yet another page that was not shown when ordering. This was not the terms and conditions that I agreed to!!! Had this had this information been listed on the page that I ordered from, I would not have placed this order, or would certainly canceled within my 14 day period had I known the cost and automatic shipments. When I called & stated the above I was told that they could give me $20 off or I could send the product back and receive a credit of $49.95 and the $25.00 re-stocking fee would apply. Pretty tricky, They get their product back, keep your $25 & get to reuse their product again to perpetuate their scam!!! The customer service agent told me that they win 99% of their legal battles for this scam. I plan to contact the attorney generals office in regards to this situation- I am her 1%!!!
    Definitely a SCAM-SCAM-SCAM! BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Jo
      Aug 28, 2009

    I have another issue with this and all natural product companies. Nutra health has a full colour brochure about Flora Science and quotes numerous research studies but does not provide a single link or way to let you verify the source. First that is a copyright infringement and second it is stupid. If the quote is so good why not provide a reference to the web site so one can see the actual research? In other words did they quote the research correctly or construe in their favour?

    Because of so many natural product companies doing this I have created a web site to collect doctor research on natural compounds. For example Pawpaw root is proven to kill prostrate cancer 100 million times better than the leading chemo drug. Not my words but the doctors who researched it. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and Turmeric is proven to heal it, even chirossis. Why aren't our doctors telling us about these and other dr proven research.

    For example most product supplement companies hide or obscure the actual ingredients and in the case of this product you can buy NAC much cheaper and do the same thing if not better. Visit and see the documentation for yourself. Joe Holmes

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  • Ll
      Sep 13, 2009

    Another dissatisfied customer!! I, like the other recipients, received a second bottle; contacted immediately, and they said future orders would not be sent. By darn, I did not order a second bottle, for I had not opened the first. The second bottle was sent, before the trial period was over. They said I had to have read the terms and conditions. The ones that I saw later would definitely have caused me to backout of ordering the trial bottle had they been the ones on the site. They indicated the trial period began, when the order was placed. HOW can a trial period begin, before the item or mdse you are going to try has been received? I returned the unathorized, nonrequested bottle w/Delivery Confirmation. They accepted them, but creditied my cc for only $39.94, after charging my cc for $74.94. I filed a complaint w/the BBB and the CA attorney general's office prior to receiving the credit, but I do not feel they should be allowed to charge the consumer any restocking, etc.. They are definitely scam artist. If you read the lengthy terms and conditions (those are not the ones I saw on the site), they threaten the consumer saying they will file charges... (they are the ones using the USPS for illegal purposes). Learned my lesson the hard way. When I went on the BBB site to file the complaint, I found that they had a "D" rating. Wish I had gone there first... I know the State of CA has enough problems, but they need to make this company forfeit any licenses to operate, for I am sure I am not the only one to file a complaint. If you have not, please file w/the CA AG's office and the BBB. I told the company I would find enough people, I am sure, to file a suit against them. I hate the way our Country has allowed all the frivolous lawsuits, but I would not seek monies (except for court costs); all I would want to do is to put these scam artists OUT OF BUSINESS!

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  • Jo
      Oct 13, 2009

    I ordered from a pop up ad on my conputer. I tried the product, didn't like it and thought that was it. I've been receiving packages every month which I return and they've been charging my credit card which my credit card company told me I have to fight with this business to get my money back. I never gave them permission to keep chaging my card almost $75 a month. I can't find any way to get in touch with them so I guess I'm going to have to cancel my credit card to stop them but now I'm out over a hundred dollars.

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