Acai/advanced & PureCleanserTheft

This company/product is an online scam. My wife ordered these two products off of the same website from the same company. She decided to cancel the product after the trial period. They took her information and issued her a cancellation number and the matter was solved. Fast forward the products were charged from our checking account. When calling the "Cancellation department" they profess not to have any information regarding your account (even though they ask everything including your underwear size). They also don't seem to be able to give you any other phone numbers for the company other than the phone number for the cancellation department for the "other product". Seems odd they have no accounting department number, however they have several departments to handle product cancellations. The idea is to keep you on hold or transfer you to death until you get frustrated enough to hang up, they are also happy to keep speaking with you for as long as you like. Wash, rinse, repeat. There are also several states and addresses regarding these products and company, one of the bottles said it was made in Canada.

The bottom line is, kiss your money good bye and report your bank/debit/credit card stolen to keep them from stealing any more money from you. Numbers associated with this company: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].
Expect a tap dance.


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