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Scam artists and fruulent companies! I ordered a FREE trial of weight loss berry pills. I only had to pay $5.95 for shipping. Pills arrived and so did two charges on my Discover Card. One charge for the $5.95 from Acai Advanced and another charge from LiveLean for $24.95! I never even heard of a company called LiveLean! I called the number on my Discover Card for LiveLean and after several hours of listening to music and multiple disconnects I finally made a connection: I was informed that when I hit the "confirm" button for the berry pills from Acai Advanced, I automacally purchased LiveLean tapes! I'm still scratching my head in disbelief. I have two separate cancellation numbers for these companies. Rest assured everyone, I WILL be filing a legal complaint with my local Better Business Bureau of CT and urge EVERYONE else to do the same. Together we can put an end to these fraudulent business practices!

From: Lois


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      Jul 09, 2009

    yeah because the Acai-Advanced Customer Service line has music on their hold. *sarcastic*
    Its hard to believe details if your not going to be rigerously honest bucky.

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      Jul 22, 2009

    I did the same. Ordered "free trial" of acai berry. Not only did I get charged for the live lean, I also got charged for 2 months of acai (and I hadn't even received the free product) and also something called life cleanse. Now they are telling me that they dont hadle live lean. So what am i supposed to do? Wait for the product to get here while they keep charging me? This has got to be THE WORST "company" I have ever had the DISPLEASURE of working with. While writing this I have now been on hold for 45 minutes. I finally got someone on the line. I have to gothroughso much crap to return this "free trial" of all this junk they sent me. This is the bigest scam of this century!!. Someone please advise me on what I can do!!

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      Jul 27, 2009

    you can grow some brains because i assume you were born with a deficiency.

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      Jul 30, 2009

    It is completely true - they are somehow able to continuously charge and charge your account though you have clearly cancelled the order. How is this legal? Advice - cancel your card immediately... OR they will just keep charging. AcaiAdvanced charged me 64.95 after I cancelled, charged after I was assured over the phone the order was cancelled. Unfortunately, they did not confirm this cancellation via an e-mail as did Live Lean. At leaste Live Lean verified cancellation via an e-mail so I have proof when I go to my bank.

    They refuse to give CS Rep full name though these frauds have all of our information. Hate to say it, but shame on me for ordering. . . . .

    ONE THING DID COME TO MIND - Who supported these banner Ads? YAHOO? Where did you see these ads for free trials and free samples? There is another party at fault here as well. I didn't search for AcaiAdvanced and I wasn't even interested in losing weight. BUT after seeing these banner ads over and over & over & over & over everytime I logged in and out of YAHOO - I got curios and looked into it. The Acai Berry as well as "a stay at home mom's secret for whitening teeth" (BriteSmile&Dazzlewhite - free samples pay for shipping only) after seeing this 100 times - I looked and bad on my part I ordered. I am definitely interested in who paid for these ads to reach me and entice me? Was in Yahoo? How did you become prey?

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      Aug 07, 2009

    Same thing happened to me, I was charged for LiveLean which I wasn't even aware of until I saw my credit card statement. Called the company and the rep basically told me the same thing - that it was in the terms and conditions which you received via email AFTER the transaction had taken place which is an absolute crap. I called my credit card company to dispute and they issued me a credit for the Live Lean transaction. I will file a complaint to the BBB and Office of Attorney General for my state. I encourage anyone who have been scammed to do the same.

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      Sep 21, 2009

    same thing happen to me.But you will never get your money back.they are a bunch of rip off artists.

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