ACAI Advance / Dietary Supplement

1 41Canal Street, Lewiston, ME, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-247-5160

I cancled this order back in 2009 because the stuff made me sick and I talk to them and they took care of this by taking it off the bill in 2009
on Sunday January 9th 2011 I recived a call for payment of $80.00. that they turn over to the credit beaurl I never heard from this company until now telling me they couldn't charge my credit card why did they not email me my address did not change until May 2010 or contack me by mail this is bogest and I feel they are in the wrong also i never cancelled my card it was lost and cancelled for that reason they have made no attemp to contack me this is so wrong and I need your help I pay my bills they are in the wrong the product is bad.
Thank You
Rita Furlan You can reach me at [protected] [protected]

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