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Ficticious testimonials, stating an individual in my city, Orange, CA had used product with great success, (other individuals who bought product said same thing happened to them with the phoney testimonials from people within their community.
Toting national television companies as reccomending their product, using there logo etc. to which they were not supporting this product specifically.
Free Trial Offer, the offer begins the moment you place the order, day 1, at 14 days you will be charged a new charge for future shipments of product. I never even rec'd the product which I ordered June 8, 2009, its now June 23, 2009, which means that my trial period is up and they will charge me again for a 30day supply.
They mislead you by signing you up for another service, they call" lean for life" that starts their trial period the same day you ordered the acai product.
I called them on day 14 to cancel, I waited for 35min on hold before I actually got a live person to talk to. She would not cancel my product she said that they would send the product and start the new trial period. I didnt' want that, but they wear you down with their sales talk.
I want to cancel both services, which obviously should of been labeled, "if its to good to be true, than it probably not true"

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  • Yd
      Jun 24, 2009

    Acai Advance and ColoCure are two of the worst scams ever perpetrated and the authorities need to get involved inthis . These people have atimer on their adsthat imply that the demand is so great for the products Acai the colon cleanser, ColoCure(they obviously use different names for this so called cleanser )and as soon as you accept their so called FREE TRIAL offer and authorize $5.99 and a $ 4.99 shipping and handling fee the ad times out . At the beginning of the ad there is no terms and conditions and the ad is gone assoon asthey get your charge card number. They then inform you on your receipt that they are sending you a30 day supply of your 15 day trial product and then charging you $88.95 FOR THE WHOLE MONTHS SUPPLY + $88.95 PER MONTH "THEREAFTER". They also sign you up for something called TriSlim for$77.95 per month "THEREAFTER" and for some fitness program for $19.99 "Thereafter. That is $188.93 per month for the rest of your life. That one is ColoCure. Then Acai Advance. sends you a receipt with no return email address telling you that you have joined a FitFactory program (that they don't tell you how much it will cost but your card will be charged every month "THEREAFTER " and that you will be charged for an entire month's worth of the product and thereafter monthly.(which you don't find out that this is a$64.95 monthly
    charge until you raise cane trying to cancel all of this.

    Call your banks. Alert them to what these people are doing . Write to the The Attorney General 's office and The Consumer Protection Agency, Office of the Attorney General in Augusta Maine (for Acai Advance and FitFactory ) and spell out exactly what has happened toyou; send emails cancelling these scams by using their reply link. Be very emphatic in that you did NOT order nor authorize these charges and most important of all, cancel your charge card and have the company issue you new card numbers and pins. Also have your credit card company flag your account and let you know if there are further charge attempts made by theses scam artists and consider credit card fraud charges.Call your local tv station 's Call for Action, etc, and have them give you the address of the Attorney General's and Consumer Protection Agency in the state from which these scams were generated. These people are credit card thieves and need to be stopped.

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