A.C. Moore / framing scam

Rockville, MD, United States
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The Rockville, Md. A.C. Moore has posted outside its store a continuous sale of 55% off framing. If it is a perpetual sale, it is a sham. I recently had two pieces of personal art framed -- one 8x8 the second 9x9. At the time, the store offered an additional 20% off. When I inquired how much the framing would cost without the sales, I was quoted over $300 for the smaller piece and over $400 for the second. Without the additional 20% how much would this have cost me? Over $500???? I have never paid such an outrageous price for framing. A.C.Moore is not a high end art store. This is a preposterous business practice. This is psychological manipulation of the consumer, misleading me to believe that I am receiving an outstanding offer. This is unacceptable and dishonest and a deliberate distortion of the true value of its service and product. Thank you.

Jan 24, 2017

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