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I like your store, love the wide selection in every department! What I find frustrating is your " Coupon Policy". I was shopping today & had 3 coupons from Joann Fabrics, 2 from the app., which the cashier scrolled through & was able to verify, & one from the email texts they send me.
I used the 60% off coupon & right next to it was a 30% off coupon. Totally different sku numbers, both valid. The cashier refused to use the second coupon saying " No, store policy is one coupon per person per day ". I put back items I had planned on buying with coupons & left.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Parma, OH JoAnne Fabric was more than happy to use my coupons!
Joann Fabric allows me to use as many coupons as I have providing they are not duplicated. As I told cashier, if your refusing to take my coupons then I'll shop at Jo Ann or another craft store that accepts my coupons!
Both AC Moore & your cashiers should be happy to have my business & my MONEY! Because I'll be honest with you, if your not accepting my coupons, then I'll shop somewhere that does. You have many competitors, all are happy to take my $!
Thank You for listening to my opinion. I hope you make changes to your "coupon policy" & make me want to shop at your store again.
Diane Stamper. [protected]

Dec 01, 2018

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