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When moving from one rental property to another we contracted "Absolute Domestics" to come and clean the empty house in the week following the move (we had used this company previously for cleaning and had been happy with what they had done so went back to use them again). We advised them that my husband and I both worked full time and could not be there when the cleaning took place and gave them our credit card details as payment. I was told that the cleaner doing the work would contact me prior to the clean to discuss and that there would be a minimum of 3 hours done and longer if needed. I said that I was fine with that I just wanted the house cleaned because I couldn't do it. I only heard from the cleaner on the day of the clean at the end of the work telling me that she had finished and that it took her 4.15hrs to clean. I said that's fine. The next day we went to check the property for the last time before handing the keys in and found that the floors hadn't been done, window sills hadn't been wiped done, kitchen benches were sticky, dust balls were the furniture had been removed. I called the agency (which states on their website that they are open until 9pm for enquiries 7 days a week) and got an answering machine. I left a message and waited for a return call. On Monday I walked into work to find a receipt for teh cleaning fee sitting in my mail tray. by 10.00am I had still not received a call and called the company, who told me according to the cleaner that the work had been done. I said that it wasn't done and that I either wanted a refund or for someone to go back in and re do the house. They said that I shoudl have been there to inspect the property when she finished. I reminded them that I was at work during the cleaning time and also that the cleaner hadn't called me to tell me when she woudl be there. They then said they would have to call back because the cleaner had been paid and that they couldn't do anything about it. The same day the Real estate agent inspected the property and told us that we would not get our bond back with the house the way it was, (floors not mopped, dirty benches...) We told the agent that we had hired cleaners and they coudln't believe it. My husband then called the cleaning company who relented and sent a cleaner to do a further 2 hours of work on the property with the agent inspecting the property prior and post clean. The agent advised us that when he returned to inspect the property after the two hours the cleaner had not done the floors and when he asked her to finsih the floors she said that she had forgotten her mop bucket. I called the company today to advise them of this and to say that I was making them aware that their cleaners wer not doing the right thing by them and I was laughed at and told that "who knows why some things happen to some people" I then said that they had given themselves a bad name with a real estate agent and they said that they don't care because they been around for a long time and this wouldn't effect them. We are getting our bond back but it may be out of sympathy.

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  • Ke
      Jan 03, 2012

    I have also heard bad things about this cleaning company through word of mouth, eg stealing items and jobs being done poorly, You suck absolute domestics!

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  • Ma
      Feb 02, 2014

    Employees of Absolute Domestics are expected to return over a third of their weekly earnings in 'placement fees' after forking out a substantial 'membership fee' to the agency, are not the insured/covered, realise immediately upon joining the company that they could be working independently and keeping their hard earned cash to themselves. It is because of this situation that Ab Dom employees are not particularly worried about losing their positions which contributes to the huge turnover of staff within the agency. Absolute Domestics are desperate to retain cleaners and are well practiced in turning a blind eye for the sake of keeping the money rolling in.

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  • Ma
      Feb 02, 2014

    Despite Absolute Domestics reputation for exploiting and fleecing their cleaning staff...
    I think it says more about you, your general hygiene and poor domestic habits, that after a gruelling 4.5 hour clean your abode could not be returned to any semblance of order or cleanliness, and still resembled an illegal suburban brothel.

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  • So
      Feb 25, 2016

    Yes they are terrible. I was with them for less than a month. I was not told about the registration fee and objected to paying it on principle. I was also not told that training was unpaid until after I was already given the job. The training was poor and not very interesting. They expect you to work jobs that are discounted jobs for clients. Eg when there is a half price special it is the worker that is only making half the money. Don't work for this organisation.

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  • Lo
      Sep 27, 2019

    As a former client of Absolute domestics I must say the staff at this agency are a nuisance emailing and calling checking up on their cleaners, If they don’t trust them why do they employ them ? My cleaner was great and she told me they take a third of the charge and that it’s impossible for them to get hold of the office staff so there’s no support. Try air taster and find your own cleaner it’s cheaper and only the first clean has an introductory fee.

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