ABN AMRO / Credit Card / Harassments, very rude and impossible credit card payment collectors!

1 India

Of Late ABN Amro Tele callers have been calling on my personal cell and my family on there personal numbers as well. Let me take it straight from here that I will not accept any ### from your end. My family and I have been receiving calls from Delhi and have a diff version of dirty abuses recorded phone call and telling that I owe the bank money and I should pay back. He/She have even told my mom that you will take some deadly action. My mother was very upset and nervous after hearing this information. Who the Hell authorized you people to call my mom and my family on personal number? Repeatedly I have been receiving ABN-AMRO collector tele –calling and using Filthy Language filled with abuses again. Can somebody put a stop to all these harassments from ABN-AMRO ? Their style of collecting and prompting people to pay is unreasonable. I see no logic for ABN-AMRO to call my family back home, just to get through the money which was never any due on my part, and informing me after 4-5 years. They do not listen to reasons and they start because they are being paid to make such calls….this what has been conveyed….I hope when you boast of ABN Amro Bank, you should be courteous to speak with the people.
I am again warning you to stop this nuisance from your end. Still if you wish we can settle through court, I am open to it. Don’t you dare to do this time and again…..inspite of my several reminders…

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