Able the customer service at onboarding / payment for cabin baggage and handbag

1 Peachtree City, GA, United States

Hi, I am a passenger travelled on 14 Nov 2015 from chic ago airport to abudhabi. The manager "SYED WAQAS"was so in human and rash to the passengers. Even after checking the cabin baggage which is in limits, to maker money he weighed the hand bag of mine and charged additional baggage cost of 125$ which is disgusting. The cost of the items are less than 1/100% of the cost I payed. I would need that money refunded. He leaved the ones who stongly opposed in paying. he made me pay and said if not payed, he will not allow to board the flight. The way he was talking the passengers was worst. I have never seen a customer service personal speak so indecent to the passengers. I am not sure how far your airlines is okay with the employees of that nature. I would request you to suspend that person for his indecent behaviour.

Dec 16, 2015

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