Abella Mayfairoffer free samples and pay shipping only... scam

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Ordered the free samples and it was stated pay shipping only. Now I find my visa is charged 188.00 I have returned the product and want my refund. They just keep emailing me over and over again, bit no refund yet. I am contacting my credit card company to have this refunded, plus I am contacting the canadian fraud bureau and bbb. Advise all to do this.

Jan 31, 2017
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  • Os
      Feb 01, 2017

    Offer free samples and pay shipping only- I have the same problem with the company. Ordered sample and pay shipping only. I was waiting 21 days to receive the sample. The day I received the sample I sent a request to cancel the future orders. I got confirmation of cancellation, but when I got my CC statement at the end of the month, I noticed I got charged $257!!!, 14 days after my order. So I haven't got my product yet, and I already got charged. Now they are telling me that the sample is the product and I have to return the product before I can get my money back. Very DISSAPOINTED wit customer service- Alan. Very hard to understand, the phone line isn't clear and not very pleasant dealing. Also, I tried the product and it's not working at all, and I don't have too many wrinkles to get rid of. Total Scam!

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  • Se
      Feb 06, 2017

    Hello, i had the same experience. Just got my MC statement and saw 135$ charge + the initial 5.38 shipping. I called them, the lady was just telling me to calm down. She said i can get 1/2 reimbursed now and 1/2 when i ship the sample back with a tracking number. I really hope it works. It is a total scam. why do we need to return the sample when it was a sample? They said to me that was the product as well. I called MC to aks them to cancel future charges. She said she can only write that i cancelled my subscription today and if there is future charges they can dispute them. I am really pissed to have to pay 12$ now for shipping but i hope to get 135$ back. Did anyone received their money back?

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  • Tr
      Feb 08, 2017

    @Seasun U wont get any money back. these are smart scammers who covered all the bases, I had virtually the same experience as you, I also responded to a "Free sample product pitch" that they now say was a "free trial" only,
    We now know it is a scam, they said they would credit me $50 but only if I withdrew my credit card dispute in which case they would still get me for at least $135. Not acceptable. Like saying u can accept our "discounted scam" if u shut up and pay us. I wou;d send back the product if I thought it would do any good but that would be a waste of time... just another move in there scam game, i'M GOING TO CANCEL MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER, and get another card with a new number, even though I cancelled my " subscription" you cant trust them not to bill u further, lIVE AND LEARN

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