Abella Mayfairmisleading advertising of "free trials" and extra unwanted samples

As many other unsuspecting "buyers" have claimed, I saw an advertisement one night as I was surfing the internet for a free sample of an miracle anti-wrinkle cream. I must have been quite tired because I don't really have many wrinkles (Yet) and don't really need treatment for them. However, I was curious and agreed to order the sample thinking that there was nothing to lose. Nowhere on the order pages did it mention that this would lead to a product subscription. I did not even see a link to their fine print agreement prior to ordering. To make matters worse, they sent me a second product which I did not intend to order, and also charged me $100 per jar they sent me. All in all, I lost about $800. I didn't notice the charges because they were coming from a credit card that I rarely use and which is directly linked to my bank account. I assumed they must have made a mistake in sending me extra product. I am very upset - I realize I should have read the fine print and found the charges much sooner, however as an unhappy customer with several bottles of unopened product, I should be able to return the excess products for a refund. These are criminals operating under very misleading pretenses. I phoned the company and was guided through a scripted conversation. Obviously, they get these phone calls all the the end I was able to recover $130 between the two products and they asked me not to send back the product.

May 18, 2017

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