Abdul JabbarStaff attitudes

As a malayali we are always happy and proud about lulu.
My impression about lulu changed a little bit due to my bad experience at
Murabba branch riyadh, saudi arabia during my visits during the previous two weeks

I was around in your departmental area looking for something and I was trying to enquire about that to the staff in that area but they were least interested rather they continued in their chit chat each other

At another occasion I was looking for an electrical items and I approached one staff in that area but unfortunately he was on the phone and still I tried to interfere but instead of giving any reply he escaped from that spot and went somewhere else.

At another occasion I had a very very bad experience with the security staff outside the super market.

Your security staff does not know how to behaviour.. Their attitudes and behaviours are too bad.

At this stage I dont want to waste my time on this but rather I request your good organisation to give proper training how behave and deal with customers

Thanks if you take proper action

Abdul jabbar

Jan 09, 2017

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